Contractions closer to becoming an Aunt!

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Guys, I am taking this role as soon-to-be Aunt VERY seriously 😉 Lil’ baby already has her first pair of shearling boots, for heaven’s sake!  So this weekend, Ali (my sister-in-law) had some MAJOR contractions and went to the hospital…false alarm but it just got me THAT much more excited!  I will be aunt Jess (aunt UpsandDownes to the blog world hehe) anytime now!  Wanna take any guesses on the names? I have already guess everything from Matilda to Olivia….no dice 🙂  PS:  It’s a girl…

These people are gonna be parents 😉

Ali and “the two Grandmoms”

PS:  Happy March (yay) Happy Monday (boo)

I apologize!

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Hey Bloggies!  I am SO SORRY- I just realized this evening that the WordPress To Go APP for my Droid does NOT publish pictures well.  All of this time I have been posting from my phone and it hasn’t been posting properly.  I’m so sorry- I went back and fixed them (I think):-)  Thanks again for your comments and for reading!