A nice Friday Surprise!


A lovely young woman studying to be a teacher has been completing her observations in my room and today was her last day.  She brought me the NICEST present!  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE personalized stuff!  I do, I know it’s weird- I can’t help it!  And if you are friends or family of me, chances are you too have recieved a personalized item from me!  Look how cute! 

It is a keychain with my name on it!  Wootwoot! What’s your favorite kind of gift to give?  Recieve?  What is the best gift you have ever gotten? Given?

Friday FUNday!

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Wootwoot!  It is FINALLY Friday!  YAY!  What are your plans for this glorious day/weekend?  It is supposed to warm up a bit here in Philly, so I am DEFINITELY planning some outdoor activities including a long Kelly Drive run.

Today is going to be a GREAT way to kick off the weekend!  After work I am going to a quickie doctor’s appointment and then for a hot stone massage (my absolute favorite) at Topper’s Spa in Devon, PA since I will be in the ‘burbs (I usually go to the one in center city).  THEN, I am heading to a very exciting party for a very special someone’s 30th…KELLY!  Remember we went to Chima together with our counter-parts!  Wootwoot!  Happy birthday Kel-girl!  Since you are older and wiser (by a month hehe) you will have to pave the way into our 30s!  Heehee!

Seriously, could it get any better?

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Oh boy, Phileo, you have REALLY done it this time! 

First, it was the peanute butter (before I had a blog and took pictures of items like this :-))

Then they came out with pumpkin…

Next I discovered the pomegranate

And now I present to you (drumroll please)…RED VELVET CAKE!

O.M.G.  Words simply CANNOT do this amazing treat justice!  It was amaziingly delicious (that’s mochi and a bit of cookie dough on top)!  HOLY YUM.

PS: I also had this guilty pleasure amazing Popeye’s biscuit as an “appetizer” 🙂 YUM!