Weekend Wrap-Up

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Hello blog world!  Sorry I have been so MIA- this weekend was ridonk and soooo busy!  Want the recap?  Let’s get to it!

PS:  The picture at the beginning pretty much sums it up!  🙂


As I had stated before, one of my best forever friends was turning 30 and threw a wonderful party!  It was so fun!  The food drinks and friends were sooooo great!  Friday ended up being a long day as I decided to stay out in the ‘burbs after work until the party instead of returning to the city and driving back.  After work I had a doctor’s appointment and then was supposed to get a massage but the later did not occur due to Friday afternoon bummer traffic.  So, instead I popped over to my old gym and did an hour cardio workout.  Done and done!  Then I changed and headed to the train station to pick Husband up for the partay!  It was a ton of fun.  I stayed out pretty late for me (I am kinda a little girl about those things hehe).  Anyway, ’twas a very fun night!  It is so great to have a friend that you have literally known for most of your life, and to see them go through all of the stages of life (especially when they are a month older than you and go through everything first-hehe kidding!).  Anyway, moving on to Saturday…


My mom had put a little bird in my ear that her and my Aunt were headin gover to Jersey to hit up the Steinmart there and I took the bait!  Before though, we headed over to an old favorite with Husband in tow, I-HOP! After a quick 2X2X2,

we dropped Husband off and headed over the bridge to Jersey.  Steinmart was…underwhelming.  Anyway, we rushed back into the city because I had plans with my friend, Eamon, to see his little sister’s soccer game.  It was SOOOO fun!  Nothing like watching 8 year olds with A LOT of energy running around non-stop to make ya feel a wee bit lazy!  Great fun!  PS:  Matching hoodies rule 🙂 (and so does flying incognito with HUGE shades)…

OK, so Saturday night is where it gets CRAAAZY hehe-  Husband and I hit up Capital Grille which was very yummy!  A little expensive for my taste, we had a lovely gift card that we put to good use.  I chowed down on a 2 LB lobster that was AH-mazing!  After dinner, I was changing into my jammie-jams when I got a text that I was invited ouver to R2L for a little fun- OMG and was it ever!  R2L is UNreal.  It is on the 37th floor of 2 Liberty Place in Philadelphia.  The restaurant JUST opened and the views/ambiance/scene is SOOOO awesome.  I CANNOT wait to go back!  The rest of the night was a blur 😉 

(as was the view…)

Moving on…


Sunday I needed attempted to lay low and take it easy.  BUT, come 7 o’clock the Academy Awards were callin gmy name and we had yet ANOTHER party to attend!  I was somewhat out of it, tired and ready to pass out, but overall it was a good time. Unfortunately there was marvelous pepperoni bread there that is STILL repeating on me- TMI?  Eh, sorry guys!  Anyway, it was a very fun-filled and exhausting weekend (like I’m ready for another one)…How about your weekend?

PS:  I can’t believe I left out one of the highlights of my weekend…discovering an AMAZING candy store that opened at the corner of 4th and Bainbridge in the city.  We went over to stuff our face with sugar check it out and it was RIDONK!


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