Wootwoot for the weather!

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Yesterday I took another liberating run on Kelly Drive.  Sorry to reiterate, but it is just SO amazing and liberating to be able to strap on the sneaks and go!  Especially in weather like yesterday and today… (from 6abc.com)

Mostly sunny and pleasant
Feels Like: 60°
Winds: 8mph WNW

LOVE it!  Unfortunately, according to my peeps over at NBC10, the overcast skies will roll in tomorrow, bringing rain for the rest of the week.  BOO.  So, what does that mean?  I’ll just get my outside runs in as much as I can until then!  Oh well, I’ll take it!

So yesterday, I planned on doing 5 miles outside by the river and then an additional 2 with Eamon on the track at the gym.  Mission accomplished!  Combined it was my longest mileage to date, but it concerns me that it wasn’t “strung together.”  Oh well, whoooofc, right?  I am still planning on running Broad Street in May (10 miles) which means I have plenty of time to get some more “long runs” in.  Anyway, I am feeling a little bit sore today, mostly in my inner hip flexors for some reason (usually it’s my shin that gets going first, and I didn’t even wear my Zensah compression sleeves on my outdoor run).  OH well, I guess some deep stretching is in my near future.  So, what is your favorite thing to do once the weather changes?  Anyone excited for spring yet?!?!?


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