A Wonderful Wednesday!


WEDNESDAY WAS WONDERFUL!  (great alliteration, huh?)  Here’s why…

I PR’ed! (speed)

Yesterday after work I planned on taking aqua fit after doing some cardio.  I decided to take advantage of the (again) beautiful weather and bring it outdoors!  I pulled my car over on Kelly Drive (again), laced up the sneaks and went!  I hate to be so repetitive and I do realize this is becoming routine, but I just LOVE doing that! I feel SOOOO liberated, free, healthy and happy!  Anyway, I was pacing like a MAD woman!  I banged out 4 miles in approximately 35 minutes! This is definitely a new PR speek for me!  Woot woot!  It felt amazing! 

After my run I hopped in the car and gunned it to the gym where I promptly made it for the start of Aqua Fit.  ‘Twas another great class with Alison at the Sporting Club!  love it!

Then, Saba came!

Ian’s cousin, Saba, is staying with us for a few days over her Spring break!  I am so excited because she is coming to work with me (today) and it is going to be so fun!  Also on the agenda is a dinner at Varga (duh), watching the Hurt Locker (finally), tea on Friday, homecooked meals and lots of fun!  Last night speaking of homecooked meals, I made really yummy pizza.  I had bought three individual crusts and we topped them with all sorts of good stuff.  ‘Twas sooo yummy!  I definitely could have polished off the entire thing but kept it to 3/4ths in anticipation of my yogurt.

YUMYUM! With mushrooms, of course

So here was my yogurt from last night- Red Velvet with a different topping (bringing me back to my college days)…rainbow jimmies!  PS:  Do you call them jimmies or sprinkles?  It’s an age-old question, no?!?!

It was holy yum.  For real.  So the evening consisted for much chatting, some American Idol and tons of Oscar cuddling…

….and maybe some snacking too (look at this beggar!)

Like Mama like son with the Fritos, no?

OK, so the final news that put Wednesday into the “wonderful” category (drum roll please)…

MY SISTER-IN-LAW’S IN LABOR!  wootwoot!  I’m gonna be an Aunt today!  Check back later for an update!

(Ali and the Grandmas!)

Anyway, hope you’re having a good start to Thursday!  Toodles!

2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Wednesday!

  1. 1. Whats up with the use of the word, “‘Twas” ?

    2. When am i going to see you, ever again?

    3. Jimmies, all the way.


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