FUN-tastic Friday!

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Oh my goodness! These days keep getting better and better! Yesterday (Friday) was fantastic! Such a lovely day. I worked in the morning and then squeezed in a quick run with Eamon. I then headed home to meet Saba for tea at the Four Seasons along with Gerallyn! (Ian’s very cool Aunt…remember we went to Ristorante Pesto together?)

Saba and I when I visited her in HOT-lanta

The other picture is Gerallyn and I-Love her! Anyway, before we went to tea, we stopped by the Comcast Building that is an amaziing new addition to the Philadelphia skyline! (The picture below is from Google Images)

I was able to take some pictures but they didn’t turn out that well and the CERTAINLY do not do the place justice! It was amazing!

View inside looking up at the ceiling

(that was the view from inside looking up to the glass ceiling…can you spot the “person?”)

View from the outsideThe amazing picture wall inside the Comcast Center. Again pictures cannot do it justice! You must go see!

After visiting the Comcast Center, we walked over to the Four Seasons for afternoon tea in the Swann Cafe (picture from Four Seasons Website)

Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia > Swann Cafe > The intimate Swann Café is nestled between the Fountain Restaurant and the Swann Lounge.
It was beautiful! And delish! And tons of fun! And fantastic! I got a black tea that was caramel pear flavor. It was soooo yummy. I also got some scones. Yumyum!

I ate these babies with amazingly whipped butter and jam!The "tea set-up"...LOVELY!Love the fancy tea strainer!

Saba got the “royal tea”- fancy shmancy!

The top tier was finger sandwiches, the middle was scones, and the bottom was desserts

She shared with me and allowed me to have a scrumptious chocolate covered strawberry! HOLY YUM!


Anyway, tea was fabulous. We had great conversation, great company, great eats and drinks.
Moving on, We went home to prepare for dinner. The “men” (Husband and Greg, Gerallyn’s Husband) were returning from work around 7 so we gals prepared dinner. Saba was the main chef 😉 and made an amazing salmon rizotto, salad, bread with roasted garlic, straberries and basil vinegar salad and olives. YUM! What a chef!

Saba's salmon asparagus mushroom risottoappetizer plate

The amazingOur cute monogrammed napkins

My plate

Oscar begging (what's new, right?)

We has such a lovely night. It is so nice to be able to catch up with good family and friends. It was a great time.

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