Confession: BEWARE…this is gross


OK, I have to do it.  I have to be honest and make a confession.  I feel like I’m about to make blog history by saying the most disgusting thing about myself ever (uh-oh if husband or mom is reading this he/she is probably really nervous right now).  I know thousands tens of people could be reading this and subsequently come to the conclusion that I am disgusting.  And I don’t blame them.  BUT, those who love me will continue to do so.  Ready?  Here it is…


Yup, you read that right.  Wanna know more?  While I am not a huge sweat-er (when I run, not like made out of wool hehe), I did, of course perspire at times during my 7-miler, I simply “fixed my roots with a blowdryer.”  I know, right, call it like it is…gross. BUT, it works…See that picture above!??!? You would never guess!  Anyway, I’m not just doing this to be disgusting, I have to save water wash it right after Aqua Fit tomorrow  so I can’t wash it today…  🙂  OK, DONE!  That wasn’t so bad- confession made.

2 thoughts on “Confession: BEWARE…this is gross

  1. Haha, when I saw the title I was like ooh no! But, it wasn’t bad at all. Good for you if you can get away with not washing your hair after a run : ) I’d better see you Thursday!!! ❤

  2. We discussed this over dinner; I’m right there with ya. I think it might be a sisterly thing. Or we’re both just equally gross. Either way, we have the right to say ‘No’ to shampoo….and we do….often. So eat that, suckers (suckers=people who waste their personal time with ‘cleanliness’ – pshh – losers)

    Ps – Clearly im joking. My sister & i shower all the time….

    PPS – Thats a lie. We like it dirty.

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