Poor Oskie!


My poor baby has me SOOO worried!  Yesterday when I went to dinner for my sister’s birthday I left him alone in the house for a few hours (totally normal).  When I got back he was downstairs (totally abnormal) and not on his chair in the window!  I immediately knew something was wrong.  When I went down to greet him he was screaming in pain.  It was terrible. I couldn’t even figure out where it was coming from. My heart was beating a mile a minute.  It was so scary.  He finally calmed down and allowed me to “examine him.”  It seems he badly injured his back left leg/hip.  He has an issue with floating knee caps but it never gets this bad.  I am really worried.  We are taking him to the animal hospital later today.  Wish us luck. I’m nervous.  Poor Oskie.

I hope I see that dopey smile again soon...

3 Cheers for Chabaa!


Last night we went to a delish BYO Thai restaurant in Manayunk called Chabaa.  We celebrated sissy Sara’s birthday.  The meal, ambiance and decor were all wonderful!  I was even dressed for the occassion in my St. Patty’s Day green!

ooopsie green dress covered by black jacket- it was chilly! You get the point!


I have to admit I was a bit skeptical as I do not usually go for Thai food, but when I walked in and saw the impressive “award wall” I decided to keep and open mind!

I started my meal with a Chabaa house salad that had sooo many different veggies and even some tofu with a yummy thai peanut spicy dressing.  It was soooo good! 

The fresh veggies included lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, raddish, broccoli, mini corn on the cob and a fresh treat of pineapple!  Delish! 

While we waited for our main course, I gave Sara her birthday present.  We got her a really pretty charm bracelet with a shamrock charm (She’s an honorary Irish Jew born on St. Patty’s day!).  She loved the blue bag it!

For my main course I got the king crab meat fried rice.  It was UNREAL.  The crab was soooo juicy, tender and sweet!  I was only able to dig in a bit as the salad had me quite full!  No worries- these leftovers will be a hit!

PS: Im going "pad thai" next time...this was good but I tasted sissys pad thai and it was EXCELLENT!

Love my sissy!

Anyway, we ended the night with a lovely embarrassing family display of the happy birthday song cake, which I was too full to even look at!

All in all a wonderful evening!  Happy birthday again, Sara!