All the dogs are OK

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So first off thank you SO much for all of your well-wishes for Oscar!  He is actually doing much better.  Turns out he threw his back out…yeah-just like humans!  I did not know dogs could throw their back out!  Anyway thank you agian for the support-you all are so sweet.  With some more anti-inflamatories and rest, he will be fine!

Moving on to other doggie news, we had a birthday party on Friday night for Luxy, Stephie’s dog.  She was turning one, so there was a lil’ get together with food and yummies!  We had a great time!  I made sugar cookies with dog biscuits as well as a cake for the event!  There were other yumyums that were NOT caught on camera becuase I was too busy eating them socializing.  🙂

Gotta love Funfetti!

Anyway, it was a great time!  Thanks again for all of your lovely comments!

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