The 5k can be described in one word…AWESOME!  I loved it!  I such a good time racing for Colon Cancer and I truly did “push for the tush”… (the special phrase I made up for my shirt- I plan to make a new one with a silly cliche for each race I run- love it!)

Front of shirt (says "Push for)The back (says "the tush)

The ambiance, energy and scenery were amazing!

The race started right at the Art museum (just to the left actually at the Spring Garden bridge)The crowds, the excitement!

So, I have to admit that I was really nervous pre-race.  I waited in the porta-potty line and chatted up some nice girls who tried to calm my nerves.  It was so nice to have Husband, Oscar and my Mom there! Here we are pre-race…

So once the race began, I TURNED.IT.ON.  Unfortunately what would NOT turn on was my Garmin!  I was totally out of batteries and therefore (maybe not in a bad wawy though), I completely out-paced myself!  Totall PR!  Wootwoot!  Once I crossed the halfway point (half of 5 k is 1.6 miles) my time was only 12:00!    I have to admit I did gas out at the end a bit, but I finished strong with an offical time of 26:02.  I am very proud!  Look from lin-mark.com

177   119 Jessica Downes           PHILADELPH PA                           F  29   26:02  8:24   26:09  25/190  F20-29   55/532

Crossing the finish line!From the back thanks, Husband!


I really left it all out on the road!  I know I may not have had the fastest time or whatever, but I AM PROUD!  My first race=success! 

Now for more fun…We all walked up to the main area with the tents and grabbed some loot…actually, Husband did the loot grabbing because shortly after discovering this wonderfulness, I saw LP from Pampered With Paige!  I knew Lisa would be running this 5K and I even made her a cool shirt but I didn’t really think I’d run into her-there were a lot of people.  Anyway, there she was, a girl by by heart…at the Luna bar table!  YUM!  She was just as cute and sweet as I thought she would be!  And she kicked butt running- third place!  Wootwoot!  You go girl!



Look at all the LOOT Husband stole got me!


All and all it was a GREAT time!  I’m so glad I ran this and that it was my first race!  I look forward to more in the future!

PS:  Isn’t this a funny picture?  Husband thought so!

6 thoughts on “5K REPLAY!

  1. Jess that’s amazing! Setting a personal PR is great! I’m so proud of you! Glad to hear your little guy is doing ok too. 🙂

  2. That was so much fun! If you had asked me 3 years ago if I’d ever run, let alone do a 5K I would of laughed in your face. Congrats on a job WELL DONE girl. Can’t wait for our next 5K!! YAYA!!!!!

  3. Thats awesome. I wish I could’ve been there. Let me know when your next race is. Maybe i can follow behind you on a little motorcar and play ‘We are the Champions’ on a boombox, while cheering you on with a bullhorn 😀

    love you

    Ps – 8 1/2 minute mile is F’in great.

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