A “Sneak” Peak

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Hello all!  As promised, I wanted to review my new Brooks sneakers as soon as I could!  I wore them for an hour on the Cybex to wear them in and plan on taking these babies on a short outdoor run tomorrow (before aqua fit).

As you can see, the shoe is called Glycerin.  I love them so far!  You can also see that they are a size 8.  This was interesting to me because I usually wear a 7 and a half at the most.  But, I wear orthodics which take up a lot of room, and feet swell while running so it’s better to give them more space.  Anyway, go Brooks!  I will update you on how my sneaks handle my lil’ run tomorrow.

PS:  I have been craving Chick Fil-A so intensly and frequently lately!  I buy gallons of the diet lemonade which is ABSURDLY delish!  I STRONGLY recommend it!  It has real citrus in it.  YUM!  I am also craving the chicken, of course.  SO, question- do you consider Chick-Fil-A fast food?  Check out the nutritional information– it’s not bad.  😉


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