Crazy 8s and Introducing…the UNION!


Did you guys ever play that game?  Crazy 8s…I used to LOVE that when I was younger!


Anyway, Saturday, I sest out on a mission…to run a PR for distance-8 miles!  (PS: love that movie :-))  GREAT SUCCESS!  I ran the traditional “Philladelphia loop” (dubbed that by me) of Kelly Drive/West River Drive.  You can see the course here.  It is LOVELY-flat, beautifuly lined with cherry blossom trees, and sprinkled with bits of nature such as tiny waterfalls.  Wow that was poetic!?!?  LOL.  So it was a terrific run!  I am so glad, given that I was petrified that I would have a run similar to that last doozie.  Yay!  mY TIME WAS 1:17.  I was happy with it.  I also timed my 5-miler and I came in at 46:52.  Not terrible, eh, I’m not thrilled; I have an 8k race planned (Gener8tion 8K) for next weekend and want to be proud of my time for my first race after my 30th birthday!   Holy wow!  It’s this Wednesday.  Some interesting points from my run…

1. I am still having issues with my Brooks sneaks…I like them and because of the amazing support I have had NO shin issues (as I have been known to have frequently in the past) BUT I feel that they are subsequently heavier and have been leading to hip pain.  Well, not pain, just muscle soreness so maybe I just need to stretch and strengthen my hip?!?!  Dunno…

2.  I used these new socks (below, pictured with the sleeves I use) that I got at PR (Philadelphia Runner) that are supposed to have a double layer to protect from blisters.  Good news- they actually DO!  Wootwoot!  I HIGHLY reccommend them!

These socks are amazing and worth every penny!

 3.  I am LOVING my refueling lately

PS:  I bought more of this delicious delight yesterday at Whole Foods- 2 for something, I forget, but again, entirely worth it!

OK, moving on to more exciting news!  So on Saturday Husband dragged took me to the home opener of the PHILADELPHIA UNION

It is an MLS (Major League Soccer) team that Husband has decided he is obsessed with rooting for.  Hey, at least he got me a cool jersey, no?

All geared up and ready to go!

I have to hand it to the Husband…we do have INCREDIBLE seats- 3rd row in the supporter’s section behind the goal!


The only problem is that it is REALLY intense and you are likely to get kicked out punched if you sit AT ALL during the game, and unfort. my legs were tre’ tired from my 8-miler earlier that day.  OH well….It ended up being REALLY fun and they won!  We witnessed history!  It was the first win in team history!   There were fireworks and all!

Excuse the bad pictures- fireworks are really difficult to capture!


So, yeah, it was a good time (I can hear Husband saying “told you so” from his work computer right now hehe)…

So, how was YOUR weekend?!?!??  Happy Monday!  Toodles!

3 thoughts on “Crazy 8s and Introducing…the UNION!

  1. So, as promised, I made it to the blog. Didn’t think I’d get here, did ya?? I just finished up a 2 mile jog. I’ve decided that I’m going to call it jogging until I feel that I have reached runner’s status. Then, I will refer to it as “running.” I’ll let you know when I reach that point, or if I ever even get that far!

    Anyway, I’m checking in and clearly, I have a lot to catch up on. So, I’m going to start at the beginning in October ’09, when you were just a baby blog, and bring myself up to speed. Wish me luck. Perhaps you will inspire me to become a blogger, and not just a closet blog stalker. We’ll see.

    Happy blogging (and running)!!

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