Best. [Birthday]. Morning. Ever.



My heart is so warm and fuzzy. I feel like the LUCKIEST (30 year old) girl alive!  I have definitely been avoiding this day like the plague!  When I woke up I was begging in my head that Husband wouldn’t make a big deal and I tried to continue on my normal morning routine without bother. Well, when I got to school…look what was awaiting me!

Classroom door all spruced up!

My desk area-imagine how cool it would look if I weren't such a messy girl!

Adorable ceiling decorations!

My prettied-up keyboard!

My chair...How well do they know me?!?! Diet Orange?!?! YESSSS!!!!!

So….who are the culprits?  My AWESOME friends!  I feel sooo loved and sooo appreciative.  I want to hold on to this feeling forever!  Look at some of the other cool stuff that was left for me!!!!

HILARIOUS card- read this baby!

BEAUTIFUL flowers and card!


Any birthday morning that starts with confetti of your name…


…RULES!  Love you girls!  Thank you so much.  You have NO idea how much that meant! 🙂 

OK, I’ll be back with more later!  But for now, here is your question of the day… What is the COOLEST thing anyone has done for your birthday????

Enjoy this wonderful Wednesday!  Toodles!