Is this Really MY LIFE? I am so blessed.


WOW.  That is all I can say.  Yesterday was seriously THE best birthday I have EVER had.  I say this because I wake up today feeling SO loved, so grateful and so blessed.  OK, without further ado, moving on to the rest of the “birthday recap!”

At lunch time, my mom called my cell phone (which is strange because she knows I am at work) and then texted me to “open the side door.”  I was shocked to find she was surprise visiting me on my birthday, complete with more balloons, yummy cupcakes for my kids, and my favorite-a cookie cake (which we promptly dug into).  It was SUCH an awesome surprise!  I couldn’t imagine not seeing my mum on my birthday!

Sorry-took picture AFTER attacking it!

It was such a great surprise!  LOVED it!  I was also surprised by beautiful flowers from my Dad!

I really had SUCH a wonderful day-thank you to everyone who made it special 🙂 

I was able to fit in a great run; a nice 5-mile river run (45:58) in preparation for Saturday’s race.  It was lovely!  I then “raced” home to get ready for the Phillies game-I thought we had tickets last night included in our season ticket plan.  Well, boy did I have some MORE surprises in store for me!  As we were leaving, HuI ran up to the computer room to check something on my (beat up) laptop and instead found a NEW MAC PRO BOOK waiting for me!!!!! OMG wootwoot!  SOOOOO excited! I can’t wait to open it and give ya’ll a full review!  I was psyched but we were late so we rushed out and got on our merry way.  When we got to the stadium, Husband was fooling a bit; stopping at maps and pretending like he didn’t know where we were going.  I knew something was up becuase we were LATE and he would not normally dilly-dally like this and he knows Citizens Bank Park like the back of his mitt hand!  So eventually, the cat gets out of the bag that we are sitting in the Diamond Club for the night and that our plan doesn’t even include the night’s game- boy was I tricked!  IT was aaaaawwwweeeesome!  Take a look inside the swanky lounge area…UNREAL!

Private dining

Mr. Amazing!

The food options were numerous and unique!  Yummm!  We hooked ourselves up with a little appetizer action, as you can order from your seat as well (how awesome!).

Soft pretzle, chicken caesar salad, diet Coke

And then the game began!  It certainly was no pitchers duel with the bats going like crazy!  The Phils ended up winning 14-7!  Yay!  Check out these pics from our ridiculous (8th row!!!) seats…

UNREAL.  I seriously kept saying, “oh my God, oh my God.”  Then came the 4th inning where they list the special events on the big score board and look who was up there…..(see the 4th name down!!!!)

It was soooo cool!  I got a hat too for being on the board!  SO awesome.  As IF the night couldn’t get any better, I decided to get some vanilla soft serve and LOOK what was awaiting me…

Topping heaven! Sprinkles, caramel and hot fudge all self-serve! A DREAM!

OH BOY, what a night!!!!  This picture pretty much sums it up:


So in a perfect way to end the day, when we got home Husband had ONE more hilarious suprise waiting for me!  As you know, we LOVE cookie cakes…


 Well, check THIS baby out…

Hilarious! Funniest mistake ever!

Husband said he had a feelinig they would mess it up and that when he saw it, he KNEW he had to bring it home and I am SOOO glad he did-TOO FUNNY! 



3 thoughts on “Is this Really MY LIFE? I am so blessed.

  1. Hi Jess, looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday. That cake is hilarious. Have you ever looked at the “Cake Wrecks” blog? It’s a riot- you should submit that picture!

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