Well blog world, I think this weekend was simply the best, and I think I was duped!  Husband did it…he surprised me BIG TIME!  This weekend was AMAZING.  Now, let’s get down to the recap!

Happy girl!

Friday night Husband and I carb-loaded for our race 🙂  (the best part, right?!?!?) with Veggie/Tofu Pad Thai, which Sabrina had me craving like crazy. It really hit the spot!  My favorite Pad Thai restaurant in Philly is Pad Thai 🙂  Easy enough, right?  Looks sooo yum on Sabrina’s site!

(PS: I’m going to see if she will make it for me one day hehe)

So, Saturday, all carbed-up and ready to go, we headed over to Fairmount Park for the Gener8tion Run 8K Race

My pre-race getting ready dance-SILLY GIRL!

It was sponsored by Students Run Philly Style that encourages youth to get out there and exercize! 

The event was wonderful and it was the second race for me and the first for Husband!  He had only run 4 miles before (and on the treadmill) but this was an 8K race (4.9 miles) so he was totally nervous-it was cute!  Well, we did a GREAT job and crossed the finish line holding hands (well, he kinda let me sprint ahead so I could “beat him” hehe)…

Look at my race results!

80 15/82 Jessica Downes F 30 Philadelphia PA 43:25 8:45

And Husband’s…

Most Handsome racer there (ever)!

186 30/54 Ian Downes M 34 Philadelphia PA 43:26 8:45

There were some really cute animals on display as well that perplexed interested Oscar…

After the race, we headed home to shower and go to “dinner.”  It was pretty late in the afternoon as the race began at 3 pm (strange starting time, no?)You see, I knew that we were planning to go to dinner with Husband’s parents and my parents for my birthday-30 IS a big deal, but what I did NOT know awaited me in a private room at XIX!  O.M.G. was I super surprised!  Husband invited all of my family and friends from all over to a dinner party in the Wine Hall.  In all honesty, I was sorta tipped off when I saw very good friend Kelly’s father in the lobby of the Bellevue!  And so the subsequent elevator ride up to the nineteenth floor (hence the restaurant name, XIX) seemed like it took FOREVER!  OK, let’s let the pictures do the talking…

Needless to say, I was SHOCKED!

Look at that face...priceless!

Beautiful flower centerpieces made by Mom

Customized pretty menus!

Raw bar apps YUMMMM

YUMMY awesome cake from the Night Kitchen Bakery in Chestnut Hill-SWEEET!

Photo Book that got the tears flowing BIG TIME!

Dad and I 🙂

Party table!

Dad, Sissy and I


My girls- Stephie, Myself, Kristin and Kelly

Ian's cousin Justin-HE'S SINGLE, LADIES :-), Sara, Eamon and Ian

BROTHERS: Dad and Uncle Allen

Dad-In-Law among the slew of toasts!

Gerallyn (mom of Justin) and Greg

Mr. (surprise spoiler-I KIIIIID) and Mrs. Labowitz

Aunt Susie (mom's sister), Sandy (Sam's wife) and Uncle Sam (mom's brother)

And one more time because it’s priceless…

What can I say? It was divine, amazing, wonderful, unforgettable.  I feel truly blessed…the luckiest 30 year old girl ever! THANK YOU EVERYONE!


8 thoughts on “SOOOOO AWESOME!

  1. I would like to note that, while I may only have finished 32nd in my age group, I came in FIRST in the “guys who ran in collared shirts” category!

  2. So glad you had a great weekend! Congrats on the race, that’s awesome! I hope my future husband does fun stuff like that for me someday : ) Hope you’re having a great week!
    P.S.: I better see you Thursday at group ; )

  3. The party pics are lovely! So glad you had a wonderful bday! Ian really pulled out all the stops! You’re a lucky lucky lady!

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