I know it sounds bad…but it is a GOOD THING!  I just signed up to run Broad Street with Students Run Philly Style!  YAY!  Although registration was closed to the public (capped at 30,000) I was able to sign up last minute to run with this wonderful charity!  From their site

Students Run Philly Style is tackling childhood obesity, low graduation rates & youth violence with a unique combination of long distance running & mentorship.  Youth in this program train alongside adult mentors for nine months in order to complete a marathon or half marathon.  As mentor and student take on the challenge of a 26.2 mile race together they discover the strength and potential of both their body and mind.  To date, Students Run has served over 1200 youth.

 The statistics for youth in Philadelphia are alarming.  Over 50% of children are obese or at risk for becoming so and almost half of high school students do not graduate in four years.  

I truly believe in what Students Run is doing to provide a brighter future for Philadelphia’s youth.  I hope you will join me in supporting their mission.

If you are interested in finding out more or donating (every little bit helps) 🙂  Please click here.


8 thoughts on “I PULLED THE TRIGGER!

  1. so much fun! signing up is the first step, the rest is easy. that i promise you. it took a lot of courage for me a few years ago to sign up for the broad street run. once the registrations was completed, the run was a cinch. and you’ll be awesome!

  2. AHHH! What a coincidence — I was literally JUST coming on to your blog to get your contact info to offer you my bib. I ran 8 miles last night as a test…and the last ones were so painful I had decided not to run the race. NOW you’re making me think maybe it’s meant to be! Congrats on joining, and what a great cause!

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