It’s a Blogger’s World!


Good morning everyone!  Sorry I have been inconsistent with posting lately…I am waiting for life to present a lull where I will be able to get things done!  Anywhoooo happy Thursday!  So…here are a few things I have been up to lately…

Tuesday night I was lucky enough to be involved in a Philly Phoodie meet up at Garces Trading Company  organized by Sabrina and Leslie-thanks girls, by the way!  I can also thank them for their great recaps here and here.  It was a blast!  All of the girls were so nice and I cannot wait to meet up with them again!  Garces was really delish but I think I did not order enough as I left still hangry (which was not helped by the fact that Oscar decided to get sick while I was gone so Mama had to rush home)…

Nom Nom Nom- amazing bread and oil...I DEFINITELY judge a restaurant by its bread basket 🙂

Delicious endive salad ordered for my entree although I should have done it as an app! I was hangggry!

Because really...what's a good meal without a Diet Coke?!?!?

Ok, sorry for the brief recap…moving onto other things I have been doing…

Rewind to Monday…Sabrina KINDLY agreed to try a Zumba class with me at the Club. Shout out to Eamon who helped me get her in :-)!  Anyway, I have to say that it takes a lot of nerve to meet someone and take a Zumba class because if you are uncoordinated like me then it can really be…mortifying!  Haha!  BUT, Sabrina was so nice and we had a great time.  I even got her this hilarious card, that I must showcase on the blog, to thank her!

So funny! And so true????

I have to thank Sabrina as well for giving me a brussel sprout tutorial after I burnt my batch to a crisp the other night.  Thanks to her I was left with these yummy babies!

YUM! Great success!

I used Trader Joe’s ground chicken patties for the protein portion of the meal (and put Husband’s on a Rosemary roll from Whole Foods-he swears he’s into rosemary right now-we shall see how long that lasts) and added squash to mine, rice to his.

His and Her plates- can you guess which is which?

 SO…question- What was your biggest kitchen disaster?  DO tell!  Don’t be shy!  I guarantee mine have been worse!

10 thoughts on “It’s a Blogger’s World!

  1. Day before Mother’s day I was making a seafood quiche and while I had made quiches before, I had never made my own crust. While it was in the oven in the straight sided pan, it collapsed on itself. I was trying SO hard to make a more authentic one (straight sided vs. angled for pie) and totally failed. I had to run to the store for a store bought one. I haven’t tried it again. Luckily the quiche was still very good and got rave reviews. 🙂

  2. I attempted to make my own potato soup and instead of using evaporated milk, I used sweetened condensed milk (used for baking!) OMG, GAG! I’ll never make that mistake again lol!

  3. Long ago: I was at Brians & we decided to get pizza for dinner. We brought it home & realized we didnt have any movies to watch, so we ran back out to grab one, but before we left…I put the pizza in the oven.
    ..Still in the box.
    ….With the oven on.
    ……Started a small fire.
    End of story.
    :/ oops?

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