First Anniversary!


So, today is Ian’s and my first anniversary (real one at least).  We got married a year ago today in a lovely Judge’s chamber right across the river in Camden, New Jersey.

That night was our rehearsal dinner.

It was the day after that, the 25th, that we had our ceremony and reception with our extended family and friends.

It was amazing.

We took a “mini moon” to Miami, Florida that weekend, and stayed at the wonderful Icon Brickell’s Viceroy.



We later took our real honeymoon to Hawaii.

With a stop over in Oregon for Seamus and Kasia’s wedding.


So, overall, it has been a great year.

Last night, Ian planned a lovely evening for our anniversary, and this evening, I planned a few little things for him! 😉

I made up a Jeopardy game about our “us” since he is amazing at Jeopardy!  It was too fun!

Then I took him to his favorite restaurant in Philly, Tequilas.

Handsome date!

Dinner was delish!  After inhaling having some homemade tortilla chips with melted cheese (holy yum)

I was not sooo hungry for my meal, but it was VERY good!  It was grouper crusted with sunflower seeds grilled on top of sea scallops and topped with calamari stuff with lobster/crab meat!  Holy YUM!

The best was yet to come when we returned home and dug into our cake!  I had the top layer of our wedding cake recreated to celebrate this special occasion (and we left our actual top layer at the venue-oops!)…  Actual cake:

Top layer re-creation:

YUM! The inside is vanilla cake and lemon filling!

Anyway we had a WONDERFUL anniversary, and I truly believe, as they say…the best is yet to come!


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