Mental Vomit


Help!  I am ruminating like CRAZY about this Sunday’s Broad Street Run!  As you may have read, I GET to run Broad Street this year for the charity Students Run Philly Style!  Remember, you can click here to donate 😉

So now, to explain the title of this post…to be brief, I AM BUGGING OUT!   I need to “purge” this list of craziness that is running through my head…don’t judge!

– What if I can’t do it? I’ve never ran ten before…only 8 and that sucked.

-What if I get blisters, soreness, any other kind of running yuckiness?

-What if I have to go to the bathroom

-What if I can’t fuel properly?

-What if my bib number is EVEN?  I know-weird- I’ve only run TWO races but am CONVINCED that a lucky bib number is odd, as my others have been odd and I have had great experiences.

-What if I HATE it and want to turn down Pine street off of Broad and call it a day?

-What about the weather?

-What about packet pick-up.  I hope Students Run Philly Style have my confirmation by then (they did not as of today!)

-What if I embarrass myself?

-What if I get injured?

-What if I can’t run with my iPod (you arent supposed to but I seriously have NEVER run without it) and flip out

-AHHHHH what if I run out of what-ifs?!?!?

Help guys!  Talk me down…PLEASE!?!?!?

PS:  Husband just passed along this great article detailing how eating/drinking a slushie before a run can enhance performance- I want to believe it!  What do you think?  Click here.