Mental Vomit


Help!  I am ruminating like CRAZY about this Sunday’s Broad Street Run!  As you may have read, I GET to run Broad Street this year for the charity Students Run Philly Style!  Remember, you can click here to donate 😉

So now, to explain the title of this post…to be brief, I AM BUGGING OUT!   I need to “purge” this list of craziness that is running through my head…don’t judge!

– What if I can’t do it? I’ve never ran ten before…only 8 and that sucked.

-What if I get blisters, soreness, any other kind of running yuckiness?

-What if I have to go to the bathroom

-What if I can’t fuel properly?

-What if my bib number is EVEN?  I know-weird- I’ve only run TWO races but am CONVINCED that a lucky bib number is odd, as my others have been odd and I have had great experiences.

-What if I HATE it and want to turn down Pine street off of Broad and call it a day?

-What about the weather?

-What about packet pick-up.  I hope Students Run Philly Style have my confirmation by then (they did not as of today!)

-What if I embarrass myself?

-What if I get injured?

-What if I can’t run with my iPod (you arent supposed to but I seriously have NEVER run without it) and flip out

-AHHHHH what if I run out of what-ifs?!?!?

Help guys!  Talk me down…PLEASE!?!?!?

PS:  Husband just passed along this great article detailing how eating/drinking a slushie before a run can enhance performance- I want to believe it!  What do you think?  Click here.

3 thoughts on “Mental Vomit

  1. Oh, sister, I am ruminating as well! I’ve run it before but haven’t trained at all this year, so I’m stuck between being petrified of injuring myself, and REALLY REALLY REALLY wanting to run.

    One thing I can tell you, though — yeah, iPods/headphones are outlawed…but it doesn’t matter. At LEAST 50% of people wear them anyway!

  2. I am freaking out about the logistics of just GETTING THERE the morning of. Forget the race itself. It’s the whole parking/subway/shuttle/gear bus mess that has me stressed out! If you can do 8 you can definitely do 10. Don’t worry about that! And I’ve run races before where there is a no iPod rule but everyone does anyway, so hopefully that will be the case. I need my music too!

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