OK, so as you know I have been ruminating like CRAZY about the Broad Street Run!  I am SOOOO excited but SOOOO nervous!  So, in my craziness, I have been checking the Active website like a madwomen in attempts to confirm my registration.  Well, as of yesterday, there was no Jessica Downes to be found.  Yes, I was bugging.  They even updated registrations this morning and I STILL couldn’t find my bib number!  So, like a freak, I called the person in charge at Students Run Philly Style, the charity I am running for.  She was not able to help me yet, as the Expo hadn’t even opened yet.  SO, I decided to just type in my last name (duh, why did I not think of this before?!!?) and look what I found!?!?!…

Downes Jessca Philadelphia PA 30823

YUP, there I am…JESSCA Downes.  Does anyone see anything missing?!?!?  Like say…an “I” in JessIca!??!? OY!  Well, “Jessca” is breathing a HUUUUUGE sigh of relief (punctuated by laughter of course).  AAAAANNNNNNNDDDDD…..did you see it is an ODD number?!?!  I know, I am SUCH a dork!  Anywhoooo moving on…

I have found a new party in my mouth yummy way to refuel- OH CLIFF WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT FLAVOR, where have you been my whole life?!?!?  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Have you ever had this flavor?  HOLY YUM!

Yes, I DO take a lot of pics in my car...MAYBE while it's moving??? I know. Terrible.