Mizzu-NO or MIzzu-YES?

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(Clever, huh?)

This is just one of the things that is running through my head regarding Broad Street.  Let me explain…I bought these amazing new MIzzuno sneakers at the Expo today when I was picking up my packet (I’m in the GRAY coral, by the way).

Also pictured (my other purchases): Wright anti blister socks (LOVE them), belt for my phone (awesome-will review soon), new Zensah compression sleeves, Bondi Band

Anyway, I have been going back and forth on weather or not to wear them to race tomorrow-they are new, and I have decided that I am going to go ahead and wear them.  They are WAY lighter and I think will subsequently be easier on my hips.  I will wear my sleeves to further protect my shins.  I plan to continue wearing my Brooks sneakers during training runs.  I LOVE BEING A RUNNER!  I LOVE actually considering myself a runner!  YAY!

Anywhooo I wanted to elaborate of some of the other items pictured above.  So the Bondi Band…I saw these on Caitlin’s blog and thought they were cute. When I saw them at the Expo, I picked out my own to try-I love a lil’ inspiration!

PS:  I saw this cute one I wanted to get Lindsay.


I was SO excited to be at the Expo!

2 Shirts!

gotta love an odd number!

Anyway, it was awesome especially because Husband came!  It was so fun!  One thing I’m a bit concerned about is the weather. It’s supposed to be really hot.  Look at the car thermometer today!

Granted, it "overreacts" 😉

Look for a race recap tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

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