Guest Blogger! “Your Hubby is Happy!”

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SOOOOO exciting!  Today we have a guest blogger featured on UpsandDownes…None other then…HUSBAND!

Yes, he IS reading a trashy gossip mag! hahah I like to use this picture as blackmail! 😉

So, as you know, Husband and I LOVE us some Food Network and Travel Channel food shows!   We love almost ALL of the shows and it is one channel we actually agree on!  Some of our favorites are:

Throwdown with (Mr.) Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Guy Fieri

And our MOST fave from the Travel Channel…



So, while in Pittsburgh, Adam (the host) visits the famous Primanti Brothers!


Primanti Bros has locations is Pittsburgh (with the original location in the Strip District open 24/7! WOW!) and boasts of an expansive menu of pizza, wings, salads and the INFAMOUS “Almost Famous” Sandwich menu.  Well, that, my dears, is where Adam, and now Husband HIT.IT.UP.

Looks gooooood! Fries on a sandy?!?!

Husband was on a day-long business trip to PBG and took the opportunity to sample this Western PA delicacy!  And…he agreed to guest-blog about it!   How great!?!?!?  He was nervous at first (I mean look what sneakers shoes he has to fill :-)) but here is his wonderful narrative and pics!  He asks that I/we “be gentle” for his first blogging experience!  (My comments are in italics for added enjoyment)

The menu board/WALL!

Sorry I didn’t take more pictures, the people in the place were looking at me like I was crazy (yea, get used to it, Buddy) and saying “my wife’s a blogger” doesn’t help! (I think it helps hehe) Anyway, my sandwich was really good (not to mention huge!).  I was surprised by the cole slaw/fries to meat ratio–there’s less meat (in my case corned beef) than I expected.  (Wow, sounds dirty lol) But, like Adam on Man v. Food said, the layers of the sandwich make eating it an interesting experience.  You go through the layers of the fairly mild cole slaw and fries (some hot sauce might have been a good idea–they have it), and then get a little surprise when you hit the crunch, salty corned beef.  And I was pleasantly surprised by how the thick-cut french breach held together.  Overall it was very tasty.  I’d be interested to try some of the other sandwiches, including the “Pitts-burgher cheese steak” that a lot of people were getting.  It was a beef patty instead of sliced or chopped steak like in Philly.  the “colossal” fried fish looked good too.  All-in-all, very tasty and an experience worth having.

He says, “waiting in anticipation!”


Blurry/Flying Sandwich! Husband has a poopy phone.

So I think he did a GREAT job!  I even stopped making smart-alec comments when I realized his food description is a million times better than mine!  Will we maybe be seeing a soon?????

Some YUMS and a Tutorial for YOU!


Hello Blog World!  So this is a random post, but it is going to contain 2 wonderful things…yummy food pics and a great do-it-yourself tutorial for a quick and easy hairdo (great for the summer)!

So, on Sunday (post my Broad Street glory) we went to the Famous 4th Street Deli…again. I know, our family really does it up at “the Deli!”  It’s a place where we all enjoy and can all find something we like!  So, without further ado, here are the monstrosities pictures…

My cousin Bess' HALF sandwich! Look at that baby! Chopped liver and corned beef!

My dad's salad and pastrami sandwich...on TWO knishes! PS: Knish= potato pastry

Daily Oscar did that end up there? hehe

OK, so speaking of yummy foods, I just wanted to share a new combo I have been digging big time.  I discovered this amazingly yummy snack while attempting to recreate Caitlin’s wonton cookies.  Recipe here.


So she used banana and almond butter in hers, as I did with half of mine.  But I decided to get funky and unique with a different combo…

Strawberry and Nutella!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this combo!  Nutella is sooo yummy and when combined with some strawberries, it’s a party in your mouth!  What a treat!  Try it…like now!

OK, so moving on to the hair-do.  Here is how this got started…I saw my hairdresser rock this cool style and asked her for a quck how-to.  It is a great alternative to a pony tail (as I rock these frequently)…



Messy ponytail...OK, you get the point

So, here are some pics of what you are aiming for… (taken this morning in my lovely rental convertible :-))

OK, so here’s what you need to start (PS:  if you think those pics are dumb, stop reading now hehe)…

One clip, TWO bobby pins and ONE barrette!

Easy breezy…

1.  Separate hair into 4 parts: back, side, side and bangs

2.  Take all of the back hair, twist it upwards and clip into place with the CLIP

3.  Take the side piece, twist it back towards the rest of the gathered hair and pin into place with the bobby pin.

4.  Repeat on the other side

5.  Take your bangs and twist them back, securing with the barette (or another bobby pin if you wish)

See!  SOOOO easy!  Let me know if you try this! I usually spray it with some hairspray if I know I have a long day coming or a workout later in the day 🙂

Good luck and toodles!