Random Philly Phun!

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So I was perusing through some of my recent pictures and saw a few I wanted to share! They are all representative of PHUN in PHILLY! 

Strong like bull!

After living in Philadelphia for 5+ years and in the area my whole life, I finally decided to get that all important picture in front of the Rocky Statue. This particular day, we met up with Sabrina and her Husband to learn about and experience the 3rd Annual Armenian Genocide Walk.  It was really a neat time!

Luxy (Stephie's horse/dog hehe) and a frisbee that was about to bite the dust!

Outside Rittenhouse park, I met up with this beautifully decorated Philly Phanatic in the form of Van Gogh's Starry Night (my fave). The pimped-out Phanatics are a part of a city-wide initiative.

Those above pictures were all from last weekend when we ventured out to the Rittenhouse Spring festival.  It was a blast!

I hope you enjoyed that little bit of PHILLY PHUN!

If you live in Philly, what is your PHAVORITE PHILLY PHUN?

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