Just for the “RUN” of it!


Yesterday I was totally feeling a long run.  Yes, a really long run.  So, after work and subbing for a friend’s after school class, I headed to the River to do “the loop.”  I just LOOOVE the Art Museum loop. It is by far my favorite run…EVER.  For those not familiar with Philly, it is the loop down West River Drive, across the Falls Bridge and then down East River Drive.  I think the distance (8 miles) is wonderful, as is the terrain (completely flat) and scenery (LOVE my City of Brotherly LOVE).  Anywho…the run was LOVELY!  My only complaint was that on my way out the wind was TOTALLY against me and I was fighting HARD!  But, on the way back on the loop (which, thank heavens, is longer anyway) I knew the wind would be in my favor.  So, I took this run for the “fun” of it (hence my enormously amazing pun of a title) as I am not really training for anything in particular and it was amazing!  I even ended up PRing!  I did 8 miles in 1:13:05!  Wootwoot! 

So, when I got home I was not very hungry.  I tend to not be very hungry directly following a long run, moreso a few hours after.  BUT, I am making a personal goal to re-fuel WAY better than I have been, as I have been doing a very poor job at this.  So, I made a quick easy and fun dinner that satisfied Husband and I (as well as my salt-tooth heeh)…

YUM! Baked chicken tenders, garlic mashed potatoes (they were dry so I mixed the little I ate with the spinach) and creamed spinach! And of course ketchup!

And so the re-fueling continued into the night…

Turkey HIll fro yo (honey vanilla granola) with a teaspoon of PB and balls of amazingness-see below!

 OK, so here are the “balls of amazingness…”  YOU MUST TRY THESE!

Introducing…the NEW pretzel M&Ms! YUMMY!

Anyway, what is YOUR favorite way to refuel?  Do tell!

 PS:  Who is doing the Chaturanga Challenge?!?!? I admit, I have slacked a bit lately, but I am starting this baby up again tonight!  Boob fat Bathing suit season is on the way!

4 thoughts on “Just for the “RUN” of it!

  1. top 3 fav refuels
    1. crunchy spicy shrimp roll from Brewpub
    2. walnut& arugula w/shrimp & balsamic ving from Brewpub
    3. shrimp pad thai from Chabaa

    ps – i eat too much shrimp.

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