Thoughts on Dessert

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Let me start by saying that I FIRMLY believe in dessert.  It is absolutely necessary for me after dinner.  I am a HUGE fan…a die-hard fan some may say.   Let’s salivate look at some desserts…

Hope's Cookies

Homemade "kid" cookie

A healthy one- honeycrisp apples


More Phileo!


Frosted Cookies

 So, what sparks this discussion of heaven dessert is a conversation I had with my co-workers during lunch.  We decided that the “need” for dessert is determined by familial customs surrounding this tradition. A.k.a. if you had dessert growing up with your family, you will tend to want dessert as an adult.  My mother in law has another theory on dessert lovers:  those who are “sweets people” aren’t big drinkers and those who are not big “sweet people” the converse is true…I agree.  I am NOT a big drinker…like at all, but yes, ma’am, I LOVE me some dessert!


 Hey, I even STILL remember the spelling of desert vs. dessert as being “the one you’d want seconds of is dessert, so two s’s.”  So, do share!  What are YOUR thoughts on dessert?!?!?

See! Even Oscar needs his dessert nightly! This is his stick he chews on for "dessert" after dinner each evening!

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