April Fools in MAY!

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HAHAH!  NOOOOOOOOO!  I am NOT pregnant!  I was just playing “twin day” at school and got a lil’ pillow (and belly band) action!  Whatd’ya think?  To be honest, I think I look AWESOME!  LOL!  Kidding but seriously, it made me a little excited…a LITTLE 🙂  Now, for some real twin action…

 How cute is that?  My student teacher and I were matching Ryan Howard PHANS today for twin day!  Phillies Phan Phever Phor Phriday!  hehe…

OK, so onto more fun pics, here is a little dose of Eamon and Jess fun- we haven’t had a ton on the blog lately, so I thought I’d indulge you:-)

Last night we had a nice homemade dinner and chit-chat (we are SUCH girls lol)

And finally, just a silly picture of hippie-honey me 🙂

SO….what are your weekend plans? Do tell!  Tonight I am going for a quick 3-miler in the Farm Park and then meeting Stephie and Luxy for a looonnnng walkie walk in the park- wootwoot!  My two girls!

Then, I am planning to head home and face plant 🙂

Tomorrow I am hoping to do a long training run and conquer my favorite loop again.  Then, I am having a great group of girls over to hang out (eat, drink and chat).  One of those friends is staying over for some more fun and then hitting up Husband’s baseball games with me Sunday morning. A fun fun weekend ahead! Share your plans!