Whatta Weekend!


Goooooood Morning and Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?!?! Please do share in the comments!  Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite upsanddownes segment…WEEKEND WRAP-UP!  (aka I was too lazy to blog this weekend but had fun and want to share!)

First up…Friday night!  I had a mostly chill Friday evening, except for my jaunt in the park that was pre-planned with Stephie and oh-so fun!  🙂  I decided to get a quick run in before Steph arrived with Luxy.  It was BRUTALLY hot, so I only completed 2.5 miles in the sweltering Norristown Farm Park.  When Steph and Luxy arrived, we walked for 3.5 more miles (bringing my total to a not-so-shabby 6 miles!).  It was HOOOOOOT!  Poor Luxy girl! 

So Steph and I both wore our dorky awesome Reebok Shape-UPs!

I really enjoy these “fitness sneakers,” moreso than ones that try to do the same such as “Fit Flops” and the like.  I think the reason these babies are so effective is that not only do they work on the same concept as a Bosu balance ball,

they have actually bosu balance balls BUILT-IN to the shoe!

Whatevs. I know they aren’t gorgeous, but I like them!  They are effective and fun!  I can feel my glutes popping into shape along with my upper thighs.  LOL.  Anyway, they are worth trying.  Moving on…  Friday night I came home from Stephie’s chilled with the Husband and Oskie!

Boy- they both look really excited to see me...not!

So, Saturday I woke up not in the mood to run, but I bit the bullet and headed toward the river.  I decided to run TO the river and back as opposed to DRIVING to the river and then running there.  It was a good idea and I did about 6 miles.  When I got home I did some final preparations for my guest, Kelly!  I went to pick her up at the train and she immediately bonded with Oscar (who wouldn’t!)…

Oh, and PS:  while I was waiting for Kel at the train station, there was this guy with a serious Britney Spears-style snake

who FREAKED when I tried to take a picture because he said he was CHARGING people for pics.  Uh yea…oh well!  Check this out!

Heeeehheeee- he looks pissed! He shoulda been nicer!

SOOOO…Saturday Kelly and I hung out all day alone, as Husband was at a Philadelphia Union game.

We chatted some SERIOUS girl talk!  Fun!  Then, Saturday night, I decided to take Kel and Husband to…VARGA!  I wanted to give it another try. As you might have read before, I used to LOVE Varga. It is around the corner, adorable and delish!  BUT, they must’ve gotten a new chef along the way because my typical order of roasted brussel sprouts

and Varga salad started tasting…different (and not in a good way).

Old (amazing) Varga Salad

The “New Salad” was not even picture-worthy!  So, Saturday did not prove me wrong unfortunately.  While the sprouts were good, the salad SUCKED.  Like didn’t finish it sucked. Turns out they changed the ingredients all together and omitted my beloved squash! OY!  What to do?  I need a break from Varga. I think we might be splitting up.

Continuing on…so it was REALLY important to Kelly that we go to Phileo (duh- doesn’t everyone who visits Philly HAVE to go to Phileo?)

Well, at least Phileo didn’t disappoint!  We (obviously) ALL went to bed shortly after, in a food induced coma.

Sunday was the day of baseball like always, but before we did baseball, we did YOGA!  Lululemon (on Walnut Street in Philly) has FREE Yoga on Sunday mornings from 10-11.  They also feature different yoga studios each month, and this month we can give it up for my girl Shiya!  Shanti Yoga Shala is Lulu’s yoga studio of the month!  Yay!  So, Shiya taught free yoga on Sunday- of COURSE we had to go.  It was grrrreeeaaaat!  Go Shiya!  I felt challenged just enough to feel it was not a waste of my time 🙂  and good enough for a Sunday morning.  Woot woot!  IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE A CLASS WITH ME AT SYS, I WILL TREAT ANYTIME THROUGH THE END OF JUNE!  SIMPLY LOOK AT THE SHANTI YOGA SHALA SCHEDULE HERE AND EMAIL ME ASAP WITH YOUR AVAILIBLITY! JESSDOWNES1@GMAIL.COM

PS:  Are you keeping up with the Chaturanga Challenge?!?!?

3 thoughts on “Whatta Weekend!

  1. ooooo! I have been kinda doing the challenge. I have been doing 3x a week and the other days doing cat bow 1 and 2 10 each. I think I may have to extend the challenge into June. 🙂

  2. So, everytime I post, I forget to check back for follow-ups, but I think I’ve checked the right box this time and eliminated the problem. It only took me about 3 posts.

    Anyway, I want to get the Reebok Shape Ups! I might get them this weekend. I figure, every little bit of fitness helps, right? And who doesn’t want to tone up while doing the most mundane activities? I’ll let you know if I go for it.

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