So Cute!

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This morning my lovely helper came in with an adorable treat for me…

So, two things…

1.  You KNOW I LOVE personalized stuff…

Exhibit A: personalized key-chain- love it!

2.  I love what this says about ME (Jessica)!

So true I feel; Sets high goasl, loves a challenge, speaks openly and honestly.  What do you think/hear your name means?  Do share!

Catching My Breath and Catching You UP!

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GOOOOOOD Friday everyone!  Wootwoot!  It has finally come (the weekend, that is)!  As you can assume (due to my blog-world absence), I have had a CRAZY week!  So, without further ado, let’s get started with a recap!

Sooo….Monday and Tuesday were pretty uneventful, but Wednesday was where the fun was to be had! 

First, I took a nice 8-mile river run.  I did it untimed becuase I was not really feeling it and I would say I walked about one of those miles along the way.  My belly was bothering me and I was just feelin tired, but becuase it was an out-and-back run, I had not choise but to complete.  So, I did, but boy was I spent!  Then, I headed over to the Rothman Institute to get my shoulder (and shin) checked out.  As you might remember, back in January, I went to have my shoulder and shin checked out.  Well, being the awful patient that I am, I did not exactly follow-up the way I should have.  Regarding my shin which we were worried might be stress-fractured, I did get off of it for a month. During that month, I did a lot of Cybex, Torture machine and swimming.

(pictured in order)


I eventually returned to running SLOWWWLY…

ANYWHOOOO with all of this running I have been doing, with Broad Street and whatnot, I seem to have aggravated both my shoulder and shin again.  So, Rothman Institute is where I found myself Wednesday.  Dr. Harwood is AWESOME and it is SOOO cool being inside the Eagles Prive Practive Nova Care Complex!  Here are some pictures I snuck (they ask for privacy, but clearly they did NOT mean bloggers, right?) LOL

Awesome view from my exam room

So, what’s the problem/prognosis you ask?  As for my shoulder, it is muscular but needs Physical Therapy twice weekly for 4-6 weeks.  As for my darn shin, I need to get a bone scan to rule out a bad stress fracture.  Bummer.  Will update you on that as soon as I can.  Anyway, it was a pretty cool experience and those people SURELY know what they are talking about!

Moving on to Thursday…the only news I have for you is this piece of deliciousness…

I just LOOOVE homemade pizza.  Sabrina talks about hers and certainly does it right!  My homemade pizza consists more of a store-bought crust (Boboli rocks) and my added toppings.  Hey, whatever works, right?  What is your favorite pizza type?  Delivery?  Homemade?  Do tell!  Happy Friday!  Toodles!