A Beautiful Bridal-Shower-Sunday

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Yesterday I had the honor/pleasure of attending a VERY good family friend’s bridal shower…Jennie!  Jennie is Kelly-girl’s sister…

Kel and I (forever friends :-))

and I have known her for YEARS.  It is so amazing watching people grow up literally in front of your eyes.  So I somehow forgot to snap a picture of the lovely bride-to-be, but photographed some of the other adorabl-ness!

A cute sign-in plate and book

The "wishing well" which was BBQ themed! Cute!

The bride's seating area for gift opening!

The yummy buffet table

The food was delish and homemade by the bridesmaids (go Kel!)!  I had an amazing wrap that I thought was curried-chicken salad but was actually tuna (and contained raisins and nuts)-sooo yum!

Bride-To-Be's Sster Kelly and the cute Flower Girl!

Anyway, the shower was beautiful and I am sure it forecasted the beauty-to-come.  The wedding is in July and I am so excited!

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