Just Checking In!


Well, hello hello!  How are you all doing?  Just a general check-in post to see what’s on your mind (and to share what’s on mine)… SO, in “what’s new in my world,” I feel in a bit of a work out rut.  I am just not feeling it.  After Broad Street, I was determined to continue training…for what?  Nothing in particular, I just wanted to stay in good shape.  So, I am continuing to do ONE long run a week (th 8-mile Art Museum loop) along with some medium (5-6 mile) and shorter (3-4 mile) ones mized in. I am also trying to mix up my workouts now.  I noticed that although I have lost some body fat in training for Broad Street, my muscles are not as defined as I would like.  So, I hope to integrate some weight training into my workouts to ease boredom and spice it up!  I want to try a TRX class that they have at the Sporting Club.  Has anyone tried this before?  According to the Club website,

TRX is body-weight suspension workout that can be used by any ability level. Started by the U.S. Navy SEALs, TRX workouts can build power, strength, flexibility, balance, and aid in preventing injuries.

I wanna do it.  I think I might try to drag Sabrina with me, as she has tried new things with me before (think Zumba) and I try new things with her (think Bikram Yoga)…

4 thoughts on “Just Checking In!

  1. I am worried what is going to happen when I can no longer use my elliptical when the weather gets too hot. I need to find something to keep me going besides my AM runs. Not so much of a rut but desperation to find something new.

  2. Hi Jessica! I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now but never commented. I totally experienced the same thing after my half. I wanted to keep my miles up so I’d just randomly do 8-10 mile runs, but soon realized that without tracking my miles through a training plan, I was running too much (my knees/shins/legs started to get mad at me). So I tried to focus on other things (like taking spin, yoga and body pump classes) and it definitely worked. Just wanted to let you know its TOTALLY normal to feel like you’re in a post-race workout rut. And that class sounds great!

  3. I wanna try row zone and I’m taking a pilates private this week. I’m also seriously considering joining the PSC at 5th street just to use the pool… not really fitness but a great way to cool down after yoga

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