Hello on Thursday!


So this is the way my MIL (Mother-in-Law) always addresses her emails and I LOVE it!  It is making me miss her and want to write her, which I will do shortly after completing this fun-filled post!  Hi Mom # 2, by the way!  (What am I saying, she doesn’t really read this…)

Mom and Dad #2

Anywhooo…lots going on in upsanddownes world!  As far as working out though, not much going on there. I have decided to take a bit of a hiatus.  Basically my workouts were wearing me out and making me unhappy. I always said that if it made me unhappy, I’d either take a break or switch it up.  Due to my crazy life right now, I am chosing to take a break and will “switch it up” when I have a chance to return to the workout scene.  Do you ever go through ruts like this?  It was nice to read some of your comments to see that you DO!  I particularly liked this one from Melissa

Hi Jessica! I’ve been reading your blog for a little while now but never commented. I totally experienced the same thing after my half. I wanted to keep my miles up so I’d just randomly do 8-10 mile runs, but soon realized that without tracking my miles through a training plan, I was running too much (my knees/shins/legs started to get mad at me). So I tried to focus on other things (like taking spin, yoga and body pump classes) and it definitely worked. Just wanted to let you know its TOTALLY normal to feel like you’re in a post-race workout rut. And that class sounds great!

Thanks for that Melissa!  Anyway, while I haven’t been doing PLANNED workouts, it does NOT mean I have put fitness to bed 🙂  yesterday I seriously got my WALK on during our school field trip to Philly!

I sported my dorky Reebok Shape-ups for some extra burn...It worked.

I had a TON of fun!

Here are some more pictoral highlights from the trip.  I felt like paparazzi!
So, needless to say, when I returned home last night I was sooo hangry!  I refueled in the weirdest but most DELICIOUS way!

Roasted sprouts, sea salt chips and PHILEO!

YUM!  Don’t judge!

4 thoughts on “Hello on Thursday!

  1. My dinner last night consisted of a cheesesteak, potato chips and a beer. Yup, me and my wife certainly are birds of a feather…

  2. I think this is why I don’t plan for 5K’s. I like that I get up and run for me and not to ‘train’. I will probably do one in July (in a cooler state) but I am not pushing myself to train for it. I like my 4.3 mile runs three times a week and throwing other stuff in on the other days.

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