YES, She DOES Sweat!

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Cool as a cucumber?

So, let me explain.  There is a running joke/argument as to whether or not upsanddownes sweats.  I will admit, it DOES take me a lot to sweat, but I think yesterday answered the question for good. 

The contenders in the argument:  In ONE corner

We have the handsome Husband, who says that of course his wife, like everyone else, gets her sweat on.

 In the OTHER corner…

We have the Lovely Eamon, aka “Brussels Brawler” who contends that his bestie Jess does NOT sweat…WHO WILL WIN?

Well, after a return to the treadmill…

YAY! 4 miles on 6.5 = 38:21!

A 1.5 hour BIKRAM sweat torture session

Yep, that's pretty much how I felt!

Check out the evidence…

YUP…THIS GIRL SWEATS (under certain conditions, that is…so I guess the jury is still out!??!)

"Glistening" says Husband!

And how does that sweaty girl refuel?  WANCHAI Wednesday and a little peanut Buttery treat! 

Dude, you HAVE to pick up this meal creation kit by Wanchai at your local grocery store. It is UNREAL. Just add chicken or veggies (or both!)

Note the new Skippy Natural that is honey infused...incredible!

So…question is…ARE YOU A BIG SWEAT-ER?

One thought on “YES, She DOES Sweat!

  1. There are no words for the amount of sweat I produce on a day-to-day basis. All the time. In all conditions. I have no shame, mostly because it is beyond impossible to hide. It is my least favor physical aspect about myself. How are we related?

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