The Century Workout

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So, lately I have been experiencing some serious cardio burnout. Post-Broad Street, I really have not been feeling it mentally (and therefore physically). So, at Husband’s baseball, I spoke to one of the teammate’s girlfriends who is an athletic trainer (She actually trains Ryan Howard in the off-season-neat!) about some good alternatives that will hopefully bring me out of my “workout rut.”

This cardio/strength training workout utilizes cross training, is fun and goes by quickly. It will take about an hour but can be catered to your liking/needs. So here’s how it works:
1. Run a mile at 5k pace (speedy) OR other form of RIGOROUS cardio
2. Do a “century.” Keep in mind that century=100. You will do 10 sets of 10 reps. Choose a particular body part for the century, for example, legs- do lunges- a century…10 sets of 10. The trainer, Liz-HI LIZ!- says she actually does ABS (!) between- but I couldn’t do that yet. VERY HARD! I actually did a century of abs instead and integrated oblique moves as well.
3. Run another mile at same pace (or your other cardio option)
4. Complete another century on a different body party OR on same if you only want to train one muscle system per day
4. Run last mile
5. Last century
SO… it’s 3 miles total and 3 centuries (300 reps)…great workout! Try it! 🙂

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