Tutti Frutti-What a Beauty!


I know that was cheesey, but definitely necessary.  This place is, in one word AH-mazing.  Tutti Fruitti recently opened on Walnut Street between 13th and Broad Streets. Their yogurt contains pro-biotics, one of the proudest points made by the owner when I spoke with him, which are very good for the digestive system.  Anyway, the place is very cute and has lovely decor including small sitting nooks for chit-chat over fro-yo (always necessary). The yogurt that myself and the Husband tried was excellent.  In fact, a great thing about Tutti Frutti is that you can taste test yourself (like a big boy or girl) unlike at other local fro-yo joints.

Note the taste tester cups in the bottom right 😉

I fell in love with the peanut butter (not a surprise) and was delighted to find that it reminded me of my college sweetheart (the pb fro-you I had at the place where I worked in college; the brand was Eskimo Pie…whole other story).  heehee Anyway, the toppings offered were delicious, fresh, uniquely flavored AND displayed.

Gummy Sweet Stuff hanging from the wall (crank the nozzle on the bottom to dispense)

Chocolate! One of those is my fave- chocolate covered raisons!


They even have rainbow-colored mochi!

So one the the great things about Tutti Frutti are the “extras.”  One of these extras was REALLY a draw for Husband- fresh coffee ALL day AND night 😉

Coffee Station!

And you can’t forget…

A freshly-filled cream puff bar!

Use your imagination…Here…I’ll help you 😉

Anyway, here were our choices:

hers (left: pb with homemade granola and rasinets) his (right: orange with choco sprinkles and oreo-I think)

Anyway, it was a-ok in my book!  Definitely going back…actually already have…and am heading there now.  Don’t judge!  Toodles!

Organization Station!

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So, lately I have been going through some personal “things” and what always helps me redefine order in my life is to get organized!  Get ready for an insider look into the (newly organized) kitchen of UpsandDownes!

When we moved into our home over 5 years ago, the kitchen had been recently redone and was JUST our style- what luck!?!?!  I LOVE the modern colors, appliances and overall ambience.  The ONLY slight designing problem is…

THE GLASS-DOORED cabinets!  While beautiful, modern and clean looking, these babies are next to impossible to maintain cleanliness!   So long story short:  Love the cabinets, hate the maintenance.  BUT, I’ll take it.  OK, moving on, I decided to completely overhaul the fridge, resulting in this much improved version:

I did the same with the cabinets…

…and even the breadbox:

THEN, I moved onto the laundry room and tackled the “crap storage shelves”

mmmm- looking at it now, it doesn't look all that organized...maybe I should do a re-take?

Anyway, I couldn’t get enough, so I moved upstairs and created the long-awaited “race board.”

As you can see, this is a compilation of Husband and my loves…running, baseball, soccer, etc.  I bought a 4-pack of cork board squares and was able to arrange them in a cute little display, incorporating our baseball storage rack.  Anyway, I’m happy with it, and even more happy to continue to add to it 🙂

In other exciting news, look what arrived today…

WOOTWOOT! I'm official!

I’ve been looking to get a dslr-like camera for a while now, especially given our impending trip to Europe at the end of the month (trust me, I look like a real dork tourist with it around my neck- the ONLY way I’ll use it because I’m bound to break it otherwise).  I wanted to get the same one as my Dad, as he really likes his and truly knows photography. When I was younger, he used to shoot other people’s weddings and important events along with our own family milestones, although we joke as how the pictures drastically decreased after my childhood, so my sissy was left with few pics 🙂  heehee- the benefits of being the first born LOL.  Anyway, I am antsy and couldn’t get a hold of my Dad to find out which camera he had exactly so I just did a lil’ research and went out on a limb. I ordered the Canon PowerShot SX20IS from Amazon.  OK, so true (and funny) story; THAT’S my Dad’s camera.  Very happy.  Anyway, get ready for some rockin’ pics on upsanddownes.com!  I just LOVE photography; capturing everyday moments or objects and expressing them through your own “lense.”  Anyway, a few questions for you:  Do you like photography? If so, what camera do you use?  Back to the organization issue, what are your thoughts on this or the lackthereof?  🙂  Do tell!  Toodles!

Cereal Salad? YES, PLEASE!


So this is a treat I make for myself A LOT; sometimes with different “ingredients” and hardly EVER in the morning! Cereal salad is good any time!

PLUS (+)

PLUS (+)

PLUS (+)

...because I can't digest the REG



What do YOU/WOULD YOU put in YOUR cereal-salad?!?!  Toodles!

Recap: Pound Ridge for the Fourth!

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Hello Hello!  I am back and in print (no vlog for this post, I promise)!  Here is a (slightly pictorial) recap of our fabulous Fourth (of July) Weekend!

PS: Firework show count for the weekend = 2

Before we left, I conquered the age-old question:  World Cup Soccer or Bikram?  I’ll let you decide which one I chose 😉


Oscar was getting a haircut so I took advantage of my free time but was very happy when I picked him up-he is TOO cute right after he is groomed!

Shortly after I picked up my little boy (and my big boy) we headed off to Pound Ridge to stay with Mom and Dad D. (and of course Lola too!)

SO cute, but PS: What is it about grooming that could POSSIBLY wipe a dog out like that?!? LOL

ANYWAY, the weekend was filled with much fun and the following…

DRINKIES! yummy! FIL makes a darn good drink!

MEMORIES! yea, a year and a half after the wedding it is probably time to order the pictures!

BBQ CHIPS. Need I say more?


PS: Isn't it WAY more fun to eat a decorated platter? FIL has an awesome way of always decorating the food!



Needless to say, it was an AMAZING weekend, and we ALL were pooped by the end of it!

BUT…not to pooped for Husband and I to hit up the Philly fireworks upon returning home!

HOW WAS YOUR FOURTH?  What did you do?  Do tell!  Toodles!