Recap: Pound Ridge for the Fourth!

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Hello Hello!  I am back and in print (no vlog for this post, I promise)!  Here is a (slightly pictorial) recap of our fabulous Fourth (of July) Weekend!

PS: Firework show count for the weekend = 2

Before we left, I conquered the age-old question:  World Cup Soccer or Bikram?  I’ll let you decide which one I chose 😉


Oscar was getting a haircut so I took advantage of my free time but was very happy when I picked him up-he is TOO cute right after he is groomed!

Shortly after I picked up my little boy (and my big boy) we headed off to Pound Ridge to stay with Mom and Dad D. (and of course Lola too!)

SO cute, but PS: What is it about grooming that could POSSIBLY wipe a dog out like that?!? LOL

ANYWAY, the weekend was filled with much fun and the following…

DRINKIES! yummy! FIL makes a darn good drink!

MEMORIES! yea, a year and a half after the wedding it is probably time to order the pictures!

BBQ CHIPS. Need I say more?


PS: Isn't it WAY more fun to eat a decorated platter? FIL has an awesome way of always decorating the food!



Needless to say, it was an AMAZING weekend, and we ALL were pooped by the end of it!

BUT…not to pooped for Husband and I to hit up the Philly fireworks upon returning home!

HOW WAS YOUR FOURTH?  What did you do?  Do tell!  Toodles!