Tutti Frutti-What a Beauty!


I know that was cheesey, but definitely necessary.  This place is, in one word AH-mazing.  Tutti Fruitti recently opened on Walnut Street between 13th and Broad Streets. Their yogurt contains pro-biotics, one of the proudest points made by the owner when I spoke with him, which are very good for the digestive system.  Anyway, the place is very cute and has lovely decor including small sitting nooks for chit-chat over fro-yo (always necessary). The yogurt that myself and the Husband tried was excellent.  In fact, a great thing about Tutti Frutti is that you can taste test yourself (like a big boy or girl) unlike at other local fro-yo joints.

Note the taste tester cups in the bottom right 😉

I fell in love with the peanut butter (not a surprise) and was delighted to find that it reminded me of my college sweetheart (the pb fro-you I had at the place where I worked in college; the brand was Eskimo Pie…whole other story).  heehee Anyway, the toppings offered were delicious, fresh, uniquely flavored AND displayed.

Gummy Sweet Stuff hanging from the wall (crank the nozzle on the bottom to dispense)

Chocolate! One of those is my fave- chocolate covered raisons!


They even have rainbow-colored mochi!

So one the the great things about Tutti Frutti are the “extras.”  One of these extras was REALLY a draw for Husband- fresh coffee ALL day AND night 😉

Coffee Station!

And you can’t forget…

A freshly-filled cream puff bar!

Use your imagination…Here…I’ll help you 😉

Anyway, here were our choices:

hers (left: pb with homemade granola and rasinets) his (right: orange with choco sprinkles and oreo-I think)

Anyway, it was a-ok in my book!  Definitely going back…actually already have…and am heading there now.  Don’t judge!  Toodles!

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