Well, HELLO there!


Hi everyone! I sincerely hope the one of you who actually reads this blog none of you have given up on reading me!!!!  Haha anyway, as you might have ascertained, I am back on US soil after a wonderful jaunt through Paris and Amsterdam with the Husband.

On a canal tour in Amsty

The trip was in one word:  AMAZEBALLS!  So, we arrive to Paris to find out that we are greeted by the end of the Tour de France!!!! How cool!?!??! A part of me felt awful because I know that many people plan their life around the end of the Tour and to be in Paris for it is redonk.  BUT the other part of me (the bigger part) felt extremely lucky!  Here are some pics…

J'adore Paris!

The (Spanish) winner, Contador during the victory lap

Anywhoooo there are a gazillion pictures, but I thought I’d do a fun pictoral of the amazing food we ate while in Europe…

Crepe with Nutella and Orangina- the meal of champions!

Cappucino-flavored eclair!

French baguette sandwiches...EPIC!

FRUIT! (and of course, grapes make vino!)

2-foot hot doggies!

Mimosas? yes please!Bitterballen- a yummy Dutch snack

Pommes Frites

OK, enough of that- I’m getting HANGRY!

Finally, please tell me you think this is as funny as I do….


....de TRIOMPHE!

LOL. Don’t judge 😉

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