My 15 dollar home improvement project


Boy am I impressed with myself!  If there ever was a time to toot my own horn, it is NOW!  So a combination of things (returning from Europe after seeing the amazing architecture and art there, returning from Kathryn’s newly decorated and gorgeous home, and my impromptu bday party for Husband this weekend) has CONVINCED me that my home needs a serious spruce-up.  We moved here about 6 years ago and really haven’t done much with the place.  In all honesty, there isn’t much to do-we moved in in move-in condition!  But, as time has gone by and my decorating style has matured changed, I decided some areas of the house need a do-over.  I started with the ledge leading downstairs from the main floor. I had originally begun a collection of candles that sat on this ledge, but time has left them disgusting in need of a revamp.  The candles (of course I forgot the before picture) looked a bit like these…

Anywhoooo, while in Europe, I got a bit artistic playing with my new camera (Canon Power Shot SX20 IS) and captured some really great images.  I decided to get 6 of them printed at Walmart (only cost 3 bucks) and picked up 6 frames @ 2 bucks EACH!  I matted the pictures as professionally as I could and then arranged them.  Great success!

And for a close-up…

Soooo…how  do you like my 15 dollar home improvement? Is is ghetto?  Or ghetto-fabulous??!?  hehe dont’ judge.  Tell me about your home improvement projects!

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