My morning as a hair model!

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LOL.  OK, so it was certainly an interesting day morning.  It started at the crack of dawn 7:30 when Husband whisked Shiya and I in his limo beat up (gorgeous) ’94 4-Runner…with air conditioning that is state-of-the-art…AU NATURAL!  Yup-no air.  OK, so sweating by the time we got to Lakshmi (but thanks, Husband! you da bomb!), and tired, we met Alejandro.  OHHHH boy!  He was very entertaining!  So he “consulted us” (told us what he was doing).

Alejandro on the left

Shiya was getting a “layered-look” cut and I was getting a trim of some sorts as well then a “rocker-look” and finally a chignon.  I love that word!   Anyway, here were the results of my cut.

So, like I said, it was interesting, and of course a bit of fun!  I am thankful I had this opportunity!  Thanks Lakshmi!

Husband’s Birthday

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Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of hosting a (35th hehe) birthday party for Husband.

I really went all out for this event-take a look!

Candy bar! With baseball-themed bags I made!

Sign in! No one did!

A cake! I loooooove fondant!

It's not a party without cookies and brownies!

Main food table




Goofy bat confetti

Goofy family! 🙂

Anywhooooo, a great time was had by all!


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WOW!  I haven’t had to get up this early in soooo long!  BUT, I’m really excited for the reason!  So when I was visiting Ali, my friend hairdresser both (:-)) one of the managers (?) asked me to come in to model for hair class (up-do’s)!  How fun!  They asked me to come at 7:30 This Tuesday.  YUP!  7:30!  Early!  Anyway, I’m excited.  It will be fun!  I’ll post the pics!  Toodles!

A yum dinner.

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Yeryaki noodles and brussels sprouts

So, the noodles were Archway Farms brand from Target.  I thought they were just so-so and kinda annoying to prepare.  BUT, as I was spooning the leftovers into Shiya’s bowl (she made guac for Husband’s party and I wanted to return the bowl with something in it!) I tasted the bottom where all the sauce had settled and it was delish!  It needed the sauce to be dispersed better.  Anyway, the brussels sprouts were Green Giant with buter sauce…ya know

They were fine-I mixed with the noodles.  Do you mix your veggies with your carb?  I loooove mashed potatoes and veggies 😉