All Hail Termini Bros!

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OK, so last week was Husband’s birthday. Aside from the ridonk partay I threw him

his birthday OF COURSE included many sweet treats (Husband has quite a sweet tooth)!  I KNEW I wanted to go to the KING of pastries-Termini Brothers, and not just any Termini, but the ORIGINAL!

Well, when I got there (I had never been) I arrived to a nearly empty store so the amaaaazing employee, KIRA, offered me a TOUR!  Score!  It was AMAZEBALLS!  BUT, get this…I didn’t have my camera!  ARGH!  The tour was absolutely awesome.  Kira showed me the back where they have literally taken over almost the entire block, knocking down houses to make more baking/storage areas.  Kira told me that their catering department will be expanding soon so they are making more room.  I got to see all of the ORIGINAL equipment (wooden tables, mixers, etc.) which were restored and gorgeous.  Even the cash registers were antique!  Holy wow and yum, let me say.  This amazing tour included taste tests!  I also got Husband some cannoli which they filled with fresh cream right in front of my eyes!  I was ONE happy camper!


SOOOO many choices!  I went to the car, grabbed my car, and by the time I returned, the entire place was filled!  NOW I know why!

Anywhoooo, Happy Birthday month week, Husband!

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