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I was really excited to blog this morning, I just didn’t know where to start!  I have a plethora of fun pictures and little anecdotes, and not good way to organize them, so… here we go!  Follow along, friends!

Aaaand...while preparing this post, I realized I have a LOT of pics of myself!

Last Friday I went to Garces Trading Co. with Lisa.  She is the soon-to-be wife of one of Husband’s team mates.  We talked wedding, gossip and life while munching on fabu cheese and drinking even more fabu wine.

NOM! It worked perfectly- I don't go for blue cheese, but Lisa does, so we polished this baby off in no time!

I had gone to Garces before with some blogger friends (Sabrina, Leslie, etc.) and was not very impressed with my first visit, but Friday changed my mind!  I am a total Garces fan now (especially with my newfound cheese love!).

It’s funny, because as much as I belittle laugh at Husband’s baseball obsession, I truly enjoy watching him play and he friendships that we have made because of it.

Anyway, speaking of baseball, last weekend we brought TWO doggies to the game!

too cute!

We had the pleasure of dog sitting Ringo,the adorable next-door-neighbor dog.  LOVED it!  He and Oscar actually formed quite a lil’ bond by the end of the weekend!

OH RINGO!  We miss you already!  Good thing you are just next door!

OK, so moving on to a TOTALLY new topic, the new TOILET!  YAY!  I know I sound overly excited about a new simple toilet, but this was LONG overdue!  When we moved into our house about 6 years ago, we redid the bathroom in a SIMPLE way (minus removing the toilet OR steel bathtub).  It was just too expensive and such a huge project, especially with having a steel tub.  So, we had the tile redone, the vanity replaced and added shower doors.  That was SIX years ago!  Yesterday we added a new toilet!



It is a plain white toilet, but the cool thing is that tomorrow, we are having a company come and GLAZE our stainless steel tub, in effect resurfacing it to look like new!  Yay!  More pics to come!

So, moving on, that is me (above) at Tommi Studio in full hair and makeup.  I have been having fun with CHRIS the photog over there, doing some promo stuff. It is soooo fun and he is soooo talented!  Look!

Shout out to Chris @ Tommi!

Finally, a bit about what I’ve been eating… I made a fantastic Indian meal the other night that certainly deserves to be posted:

Chicken Tikka Masala with peas and 'shrooms!

So THAT kicked off my new garlic naan obsession!

Doctor it up: oven on 400 for 2 minutes, brush with EVOO and sea salt beforehand! Great snacky!

SOOOOO, What kind of “fun stuff” has been happening in YOUR life?!?!?

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