The Great Allentown Fair and RUSH!

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What an event.  Holy cow…literally!

I had gotten Husband SECOND row Rush tickets for his birthday and they were playing at the Allentown Fair, so we were able to soak up the sights, sounds, smells and eats (of course) while we were there.

First off, it was a GORGEOUS day!

We got there super early so we could so we could grab a bite and play with see the animals.  Let’s just say there were a plethora of both!  The food choices were simply dizzying.  Let me give you a small look into why…

Meat..a lot of it.

My fave...but I decided to save my teeth

Delicious buttery roasted corn

And how about this one:

I was SO excited to finally see a healthy option:  veggies!  Oh my friends was I wrong.  There were vegetables alright…

Fried ones.

Right.  Anyway, moving on, one of the best parts of the Fair were the livestock!

So there were other typical fair-like things like this

And this…

And then there was Rush.

They deserve their own post, so look for part two shortly!

Do you like Fairs?  I definitely do.  Do tell!  Toodles!

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