Like a FLU-U-U-U-R-Y!

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(title of post to be sung to “Like a Virgin” (Madonna, duh)

Nom Nom! This is like a flurry but better!  A flurry is actually a Dairy Queen Blizzard but with fro-yo (they used to do that- I worked there!)  So, my creation is frozen yogurt plus recees cups and ground snickers-yummmmmm!  I ate half last night and froze the rest for tonight, so it was VERY ard.  I like my fro yo soft.  So I micro-ed it, but started talking to Husband and forgot.  So…..flurry!


Yea, a lil’ softer but still amazeballs!

Try it, I tell ya!

PS:  the fro yo featured in my “flu-u-u-u-ry” was from an new yogurt place that just opened…(drum-roll, please)….two blocks away!  Review to come!

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