Speedwork. (?)

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Today I did SPEEDWORK (as in, I had to get home for an appointment and wanted to squeeze in three miles for my Philadelphia Half Marathon training plan by torturing myself and pushing to the max-wow, long sentence)  but in the end, it felt good.  I did 3 miles in 27:53.  Yup ladies and gentlemen (if applicable), that IS speedwork for me.  Lately I have been S frustrated with my running. I keep saying that I feel like I lost my “running legs.”  I cannot STAND this.  I am VERY impatient by nature, and that does not pan out well when training for a ANY running race.  The fact is that growth is slow and steady and PRACTICE IS KEY even though it sometimes seems like a reminder of how far I am from where I want to be (usually a certain memorable level of fitness that I attained for a certain race- for me, Broad Street).  Anyway, this is what I have been struggling with lately.  SO…to turn my frown 😦 upside down 🙂    (wow that was dorky) , I decided to browse my training records from when I first began running back in NOvember of ’09.  I mean, I am definitely at a higher level of fitness now than when I initially starting running, but I am fit not in running,  Running is another kind of “in shape.”  Yes, I “Spun” all summer and did some yoga.  I even took occasional runs as part of my weekly fitness routines.  BUT, training for a race is just an entirely different story.  Looking at my old training logs was definitely helpful in being realistic.  Have you ever experienced this sort of thing?

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