Weekend: Distance WALK


Good Morning and happy Monday!  This weekend was a blast and was full of fun and productivity!  Wootwoot!  Let’s get started with a recap!

So, a HUGE event of the weekend was my dye job hair appointment on Saturday.  I decided, finally, after years and years of “bringing out my natural blonde” with highlights, to GO BACK TO MY ROOTS!  I like it.  But, what I like even more is that I NEVER hav eto touch my hair again with dye and this is what I have naturally!  Pretty lucky, huh?!?!  Yay!  Good change.  My hairdresser, Allie, says that we change our outters when we are going through a process of changing our inners.  Hmmm…deep, no!!? Anyway, what do you think!?!?!?  Have you ever made a rash decision to go back to YOUR roots?

OK, moving on, Saturday night, Husband and I went to the Phillies game!  We are UBER fans and have partial season tickets.  Saturday we capitalized on our amazing seats and enjoyed a lovely (WON) game! 

Sunday…ohhhhh Sunday!  So, Shiya and I were supposed to attend a half-led primary series Ashtanga class.  According to Shanti Yoga Shala’s Website

Led Half Primary Series

The poses of Ashtanga yoga are meant to be memorized and practiced consistently to achieve a healthier, stronger, disease-free body and mind. This class is a manageable way in which to learn, practice, and eventually memorize most of the first series of Ashtanga yoga. it will help the practitioner build strength and flexibility, as well as develop an understanding of what yoga is beyond the physical practice. Additionally, this is a GREAT way build a foundation for Mysore practice. Half Primary will practice Surya Namaskar A & B, Standing poses, primary series up to Navasana, and finishing sequence.

Anyway, we WERE going to go to this class, as we had done last Sunday. It is a great way to kick off a Sunday, end a weekend or start a new week!  BUT, this lil’ lady here slept until ten of NOON!  Yup, that’s TEN minutes before class was slated to start.  SO, Shiya being the lovely girl she is, agreeed to walk “the loop” (the 8.something mile Art Museum loop) with me instead.  I decided this would fit necely into my training plan for the Half.  So, off to the museum district we went.  Well, the ING distance run was just finishing up, so we were not able to park nearly as close to the museum as lazy bones I was hoping, so we added some distance to our little walk.  We ended up doing 8.5 miles in 2:13.  Not bad, eh!?!?  And above all, we had a BLAST!

HUGE perk of following those distance runners, like the lovely LP who ROCKED it, btw-you go girl!- was that we snagged ourselves an AMAZING gallon of Deer Park that was leftover.  Shiya and I were SO thirsty and had given both our water bottles to two ladies who had gotten in a terrible car accident on Kelly Drive just at the start of our loop.  So…we guzzled…BIG time 😉

So, as you might imagine, Shiya and I were quite hungry and thirsty post-distance WALK (hehe) so we took a trip over to Garces Trading Co!  It was a glorious day-perfect to sit outside, sip wine, munch on magnificent cheese, and…chat (of course)!


And look who joined us (with a treat of his own)…

What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Other fun things that took place this weekend:

Target run to “fall” up the house (aka decorate!) and stock up on home essentials…

One of the purchases: for those people who have been to our house, this is especially funny because we are known to hang our gingerbread family wreath ALL year round!

Ordered take-out from the most rediculous amazing deli ever:  Famous Fourth Street Deli!

Oh, and PS:  Oscar wanted me to tell you all that he had QUITE the weekend as well….hehe


3 thoughts on “Weekend: Distance WALK

  1. Ok. So we are gonna have to hit the half led primary next sunday… i felt great after our girls day… but I have a monster blister on my right heal.

    I’ve told the finding our water story soooo many times already today! 🙂

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