The Suicide Drills were…

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, they don’t call them “suicides” for nothing!  BUT, I conquered (well, kinda whined through it, but all’s the same in the Speedwork game)!

Wow.  That is ONE big picture 😉 hehe Anyway, yesterday a friend and I ran by the river.  We did 5 miles in 49:20.  ‘Twas lovely!  So today, we were planning a repeat performance!  I just love running with this particular friend because we have the exact same comfort pace and we do just the right amount of talking 🙂  OK, moving on to conquering the suicides.  So today, my friend suggested that we “do the stairs” (as in ART MUSEUM STAIRS!!!!) with her man and I obliged.  Boy oh boy did I not know what I was getting myself into! We did suicides on the stairs:  there are about six “sets” of steps with landings between each.  Basically, you run up one flight, back down and then to teh first line (of bricks) on the sidewalk.  THEN, you go up TWO flights and run to the second line, etc.  HOLY WOW!  It was HARD!  We also did these crazy zig-zag runs that were too difficult (mentally even hehe-they were confusing!) to even do more than one set!  Then we  moved on to these drills where we ran in and out of these sculptures (hard to describe but trust me-soooo difficult).  Lastly, we did some stair sprints.  WOW.  After that, I was tired, but needed to squeeze in three miles per my Halfie Training Plan 🙂  Fun….NOT!  My legs felt like bricks!  I was soooo slow.  To be honest, I don’t even know exactly how long it took me because my Garmin still had the stair running data on it.  I think it was around 3:00 even.  Anyway, it was rough. BUT, I conquered!  Yay! What are you currently proud of yourself for “Conquering?!?!”

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