Eggplant Parm a la SHIYA

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You know you have a good friend when_______.

Go ahead.  Fill in the blank.  Here is mine. 

You know you have a good friend when she offers to double the batch of eggplant parm she is makinig for her family so that she can pretend “teach” you how to do it, but really knows you are just so appreciative that she is doing it.  Shiya is a good friend.  Not only does she give in to my annoying fitness requests (for instance walking the Loop and more) but she will do ANYTHING for me (and me for her of course) including making a meal for my family and packaging it so it looks like I assembled it all when I pop it into the over at my house next door.  And all she traded for…my company!  How awesome.  So, here is AMAZING (and healthy) eggplant parm a la Shiya…

Slicing the eggplant. Chef Shiya says slice thinly!

 Shiya dipped each slice in an egg/milk mixture and then dunked the slices in a whole wheat bread crumb/spices mixture (full recipe to follow)…

Pan fry the slices to make them soft and yummy

Lay them out while you finish the rest

 Then, layer with sauce and cheese.

Pop it in the oven for a few minutes so the cheese gets melty. Shiya says to keep everything neat for easier clean up!

Here is Shiya’s official recipe:

-1 large eggplant or 2 or 3 small Japanese eggplant -Shredded mozzarella -Olive oil -whole wheat bread crumbs

-2 jars your favorite pasta sauce

-2 eggs

-milk (whatever you usually use)

Italian seasoning

Garlic powder

Black pepper

Whole wheat pasta

Slice the eggplant thin, no larger than 1/4 in thick slices.

Pre-heat oven to 400

Mix two eggs and a tablespoon or two of milk in a pasta or cereal bowl

Mix whole wheat bread crumbs with garlic powder, black pepper and Italian seasoning in a separate past bowl or plate.

In a frying pan heat a couple tablespoons of olive oil over a medium heat.

Dip a slice of eggplant into the egg/milk mixture then into the breadcrumbs covering both sides completely. Place it in the frying pan and cook it until it’s browned on both sides. Repeat  with all the eggplant slices. As they are done frying place them on a paper towel covered plate.

Boil water for the pasta. Follow cooking directions.

Once all the eggplant is cooked place the slices in a single layer in a 9x13in baking pan (I like Pyrex).

Using a soup spoon place a generous amount of pasta sauce on each slice of eggplant. Use the remainder of the sauce and 2nd jar of sauce for the pasta.

 Then sprinkle a generous amount of shredded mozerella on each slice

Bake in the over until cheese melts and gets golden brown on top.

Sever next to a bed of pasta. Enjoy!

NOM NOM!  What a wonderful friend

And what wonderful FOOD!

Served with ravioli

Necessary Purchases.

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I know, I know.  What a post title.  I am sure Husband you readers are thinking to yourself, “WHAAA?  Way to justify a shopping haul!”  But really, people…REALLY.

OK, first thing’s first.  While breezing through Macy’s in an attempt to get out before making any rash decisions purchases, I perused the MAC coutner for a minute, remembering that “something funky” was going on with my BELOVED MAC STUDIO FIX powder.  I LOVE for this product.  Being an almost no-makeup wearer, I LOVE how Studio Fix is full coverage (for me) without the heaviness of a cream and the convenience of a sponge/powder compact!  Anyway, MY Studio Fix was not looking good.

EW.  See that bubbly darker looking area?  It almost looks like I got it wet, but I KNOW I didn’t.  I asked the lovely MAC counter girl and she told me that it is becuase I rest the sponge on top of the powder when I store it.  And I said, “Why yes, I do!  Where else would I put it!??!” 

She then laughed at me and showed me the vented area BELOW the powder where you are SUPPOSED to store the sponge.

DUH!!! I had never even opened this under-section!

The MAC girl explained to me that the oils from my skin (EW) are being absorbed into the sponge and then expelled onto the powder, creating that bubbly yuck mess.  She said I could scrape it off, but I opted to buy another and have a backup 🙂  Anyway, THAT was a necessary purchase.  Moving on.  I needed underwear.  One word…OSCAR.  Two words?  Victoria Secret.  Their cotton undies that I wear were on sale 7 for 25 bucks!  Holy heaven!  How amazeballs?!?!?  Of course I bought 14.  They are usually 5 for 25.  Love it. Still necessary, right!??!

Done and Done.

Alright, now, tell me…WHAT IS THE MOST NECESSARY (but fun, of course) PURCHASE YOU’VE MADE LATELY!?!?