Necessary Purchases.

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I know, I know.  What a post title.  I am sure Husband you readers are thinking to yourself, “WHAAA?  Way to justify a shopping haul!”  But really, people…REALLY.

OK, first thing’s first.  While breezing through Macy’s in an attempt to get out before making any rash decisions purchases, I perused the MAC coutner for a minute, remembering that “something funky” was going on with my BELOVED MAC STUDIO FIX powder.  I LOVE for this product.  Being an almost no-makeup wearer, I LOVE how Studio Fix is full coverage (for me) without the heaviness of a cream and the convenience of a sponge/powder compact!  Anyway, MY Studio Fix was not looking good.

EW.  See that bubbly darker looking area?  It almost looks like I got it wet, but I KNOW I didn’t.  I asked the lovely MAC counter girl and she told me that it is becuase I rest the sponge on top of the powder when I store it.  And I said, “Why yes, I do!  Where else would I put it!??!” 

She then laughed at me and showed me the vented area BELOW the powder where you are SUPPOSED to store the sponge.

DUH!!! I had never even opened this under-section!

The MAC girl explained to me that the oils from my skin (EW) are being absorbed into the sponge and then expelled onto the powder, creating that bubbly yuck mess.  She said I could scrape it off, but I opted to buy another and have a backup 🙂  Anyway, THAT was a necessary purchase.  Moving on.  I needed underwear.  One word…OSCAR.  Two words?  Victoria Secret.  Their cotton undies that I wear were on sale 7 for 25 bucks!  Holy heaven!  How amazeballs?!?!?  Of course I bought 14.  They are usually 5 for 25.  Love it. Still necessary, right!??!

Done and Done.

Alright, now, tell me…WHAT IS THE MOST NECESSARY (but fun, of course) PURCHASE YOU’VE MADE LATELY!?!?

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