ICE BATH (sorta)


Dramatic title, no?!? Hahha anyway, the title sorta says it all. 

But first…I ran a very speedy (for me) 6 miler at the River. 

I really felt I struggled though; like I fought hard for every quarter mile, you know?  Anyway, I pushed though and ALMOST met my goal of all 9 minute miles.  But my legs felt like lead. Did I mention I wore my halloween tights…

So, I was very happy to finish. 

 On my run while struggling, I thought about Leslie’s ice baths and decided I needed to try this.  Only I was going to take baby steps…as in this time just put the water as cold as possible.  I know, I’m a wuss, but trust me, people, it was ice to me. 

Oscar seemed concerned confused at first

After a minute though, he seemed unfazed

Refueling began asap!  Directly following my run I had a mini Cliff bar (I LOOOVE those) and some G2.  Then I had a few doritos!  And finally…I am SO lucky- Shiya heated me up some leftover dinner she made.  IT was SOOOO good!

Tofu baked ziti with spinach- amaaazing!

OH, and a sweet treat…look at THIS baby I dreamed up!

Trader Joes (amazing also) ginger molasses cookies that I pressed candy corn into! HOLY YUM!

PS: Isn't this such a cute picture of Shiya and Scott's dog, Ringo?!

Have you ever taken an ice bath?!?!

The Baby Feast

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As I have probably mentioned, we are very tight with our neighbors.  We LOVE our neighborhood!  Hi guys 😉  Anyway, among the other amazing traditions we have such as block parties and the like, one of my favorite things we do is that when a neighbor has a baby, we not only do a little shower before the birth (like in the pic above), but we arrange for a food delivery for a few weeks after the birth.  How lovely, right?!?  Anyway, one such neighbord just had a little baby girl, so we did the food delivery.  I was so excited to cook because I chose Indian and I thought this family would love it!  Anyway, here is what I made… (sorry, I get excited about my positive cooking experiences)

veggie samosa appetizer (filled with peas and mushrooms)

Curried chicken tenders

Jasmine rice

Channa masala (chick pea) with mushrooms and peas

PS: Oscar helped himself to a BOX of samosas. Nice. Good thing I bought two... (I can hear my mother now)

 I also added a package of spiced naan and ginger molasses cookies.  Anyway, it was SO fun to make this dinner for such a lovely family!  I hope they enjoyed it! 

 Does your neighborhood have traditions?

Run the BRIDGE!

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AHHHHH!  So first off…Happy Halloween Friday!

Now, onto business.  As you know, I am running my first Half Mary on November 21st. I am SO excited.  But I wish it were this weekend!  So, to get myself revved up for the halfy, I signed up for a little challenge in between now and then.  Are you ready for it…  It is the 2010 Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge Event presented by AmeriHealth New Jersey!  Yup, you heard right.  I am going to RUN THE BRIDGE!  By “the bridge” I mean the BFB (Ben Franklin Bridge) that goes from Philadelphia into New Jersey.  The race is NOVEMBER 7.

This race is going to be soooo challenging torturous and AWESOME!  It is a 10K that begins at Campbell’s Field in Camden, NJ and takes you across the bridge into Philadelphia.  It then loops back over the bridge and back to the field.  Holy WOW.  Have you ever checked the incline of the bridge!?!?

Elevation Profile

Total climb: 430 feet / 131 m
Total elevation change: 872 feet / 266 m

WOW.  So being the trooper that Husband is, he agreed to go on a “test run” with me this weekend.  Should be interesting!  So, what are your plans for the weekend?  I will certainly be back with some more Halloween fun!  Until then…TOODLES!

The Loop In Pictures


I feel like I talk about “running the loop” a LOT.  Well, I DO run the loop a lot.  So, I thought I would do a nice pictoral post of this “LOOP” including my thoughts, as I refer to it often on the blog (and am constantly ripping pictures off of Leslie from herlittledogtoo).  THE LOOP is formally known as the SCHUYLKILL RIVER LOOP.”  It is an 8.5 mile running/biking/walking/recreational path that encircles the Schuylkill River.  It starts at the Philadelphia Art Museum

and heads up Kelly drive past the boathouses

Across the East Fall Bridge

(Note:  the “loop” tricks you into thinking that the Fall Bridge is the half-way point of the 8.5 mile run, but after you cross it, you get a little bitter letdown when you see the following)

Uh, yea, for those of you weak in math, 3.75 is NOT half of 8.5. SO this means that the first part of the loop is shorter if you are running in said direction.


And then down the Martin Luther King Drive (viewing the river from the other side now)

 looping back to the Art Museum.

This is actually mid-run 🙂

I LOVE running the loop for MANY reasons.  For one, I LOVE routine.  On Friday I tried to run the loop backwards (haha not actual backwards running, but that would have been funny) going up MLK Drive first, crossing the East Falls Bridge and looping back down Kelly Drive.  But, it kind of “through me for a loop” (what a great pun on words!?!?).  I NEED my routine, like…

Stretching EVERY time on the steps at the start of the loop


Keeping track of all of the "nickel-flavored" water fountains (I used to drink, now I just use them as mile trackers-the nickels were getting to me! hehe)


My own personal bathroom! (hehe) This is my go to staircase (for emergencies only lol)

This here boathouse is my own personal MILE 6 marker!

On my runs, I also love to think, and certain landmarks really get me going…

This is the boathouse where my sister in law and brother in law held their awesome rehearsal dinner

These are the signs I look at EVERY morning on my dreaded commute. I much prefer to view them while on foot!

I also LOVE to listen to music.

And finally, I LOOOOVE all of the neat things that go on “down by the river.”  On any given day you can be sure to catch a rowing race, festival or anything else of the like!  Here are some fun things that were going on when I rean the loop SUNDAY (the “right way” as in not backwards)…

Check out these guys!


The ZOO balloon!


Setting up tents for the Dragonboat festival

And of course, there are the gorgeous skyline views…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together!  Now…go get your run on!  I know I am!

Yes, this is me mid-run!


A Sporty-Crafty-Family-Friendly Weekend!

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I started my Friday out with a glorious run around the River!  It was my first time running the entire Kelly Drive/MLK Drive Loop.  It is a good 8.5 route and is by far my favorite running spot.  For my first time of the season, I thought it went well.  I really need to start working on refueling a bit  better though. Before and after are definite things I have been working on, but now I feel like I need to attend to my fueling during runs a bit more.  So I normally take a G2 with me.

On this run, I drank a third (15 calories) at mile 1.5 because I started hungry, a third at mile 3.5 and the last third at mile 6.  Verdict:  NOT ENOUGH.  Not enough liquid and not enough fuel.  PLAN= GET CAMELBACK NOW (like this one)

and start experimenting with life savers (my “life saver” for the Broad Street Run last year).  ANYWAY, bottom line- 45 calories for an 8.5 mile run is not enough and nor is the liquid that accompanies. I will update you when I have made a choice 😉  But, the run made me a happy camper…

Saturday morning I took a trip to Target…One picture should do this one justice…


Saturday afternoon we had a party for my uncle. It was his SEVENTIETH birthday!  OMG!  Doesn’t look at day over 21 😉  I will post about the party soon.

In other news over the weekend, I received a FREE Tempurpedic pillow (because I entered a contest to win a bed and lost.  Eh, bed=pillow, right!?!?)….Anyway, I LOVE pillows and am very excited to use and review this baby!

Saturday night, we watched the Phillies LOSE.  BOOOOOOO.

BUT, Sunday…we watched the Phillies WIN!

PS:  I found this post in my drafts section. I know it is Wednesday and closer to next weekend then last weekend, but here it goes anyway 😉

Two of my Favorite Ladies

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Stephie and Luxy!

Now, if these girls were “just chillin'” like in the pic above, I would have missed my chance completely 😉  Let me explain.  Luxy girl is BIG.  Very BIG.  Yes, she definitely thinks she is a lapdog and is such a sweetie (as well as a goof) but she is BIG! 

Priceless picture! LOVE it!

Stephie walks Luxy loyally every day.  Well the other day, the walk resulted in this…

A twisted ankle! Oh no!

Listen, manhandling walking a dog like Luxy requires some serious “bearing down” LOL!  So, I offered to come walk Luxy with Steph.  Who am I kidding?!?! Any chance I can get to hang out with my girls!  But first…the obligatory photo sess.  I started with my camera phone…

Attempt # 1

Attempt # 2

…And then I gave up.  Steph offered to take some with her NEW non-antiquated phone (she has seriously had the same flip phone for YEARS!)…

Much better!

PS: Totally lied- Attempt # 1 and # 2 were more like 39 and 57 🙂  LOL.

Anyway, while I was at Steph’s, I offered to help her with anything else she would need.  She asked me to grab Nigel (or possibly Nigel-la?!?!) the lizard’s food bowl so she could fill it.  the lizard lives in the loft in her apartment, and quite frankly, Steph is terrible at staying off her feet, so I gladly obliged!  NOW…here is where I must say:  This lizard gets fed better than me!  Check this salad out that Steph made it!

oh nigel, you lucky bastard!

 Anyway, I had a lovely afternoon with the girls.  They are seriously two of my favorite ladies!  Thanks girls!  I will be back for a game of TOUCH soon (Touch is the word Steph uses when she wants Lux to come back to her.  So, to get her to run around we stood on opposite sides of the baseball field and yelled “TOUCH!” back and forth, giving her a treat each time she came to us…good game.  We are such simpletons geniouses)



What is it about PB&J to me that is just SOOOO heavenly?!?!?  Especially when paired with a yummy (SALTY) chip and a diet soda (I am clearly digging orange right now) this could be my favorite meal ever.

I feel like I am STILL refueling from yesterday’s 7 miler.  And a good one it was!  I started out with K but then she turned off (she had plans) and I continued on.  Anyway, as you can see I made my pb & j on Ez raisin bread that I bought yesterday at Trader Joes.  LOVE.  LOVE. LOVE TJs!  Good idea=running…Bad Idea= Trader Joes Post running.  Shopping hungry is NEVER a good idea.  Never.  Here is some of what I got:

OHHH ginger molasses cookies, how I LOVE thee!


Yes, I DID try the Paneer frozen dinner. And yes, it was AMAZING!

Seriously.  Happy camper.

Oh, and ps-you know who else is a happy camper?!??!

Yup.  ‘Nuff said.  So…what are your favorite Trader Joe or other specialty store finds!?!?


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Right.  So if you don’t recognize that name, then yes, I understand…feel free to move on dowload one of his albums now!  🙂 Anyway, first thing’s first- Saturday dinner at Haru…  So, you must understand:  I LOVE HARU. Two words…Nom, Nom.



We were in a hurry to get to Pat McGee so we ate at the sushi bar. It was cool!

These sweet potato rolls were AMA-zing! OMG. With tempura sauce. I ate 🙂

Shitake mushroom and spinach roll-also enhanced by tempuri sauce 😉

Seaweed Salad

It was deeeelish!


Satisfied Customer=Full Belly 🙂

Next up was Pat McGee. I LOVE listening to Pat McGee.  It is quite reminiscent of my college years as well (even though it used to be the Pat McGee BAND).  I used to go to see Pat ALL THE TIME!  I was such a lil’ groupie 😉 hehe. 

 Anyway, I volunteered to sell merchandise at his show at the Tin Angel (in Old City, Philadelphia).  Husband helped me set up the booth and I think we did a good job!

How’d we do?!?!  So, we also met Pat’s keyboard and sax player and talked to him.  His name is Michael Ghegen.  Check him out.  Good stuff.

  During the opening set, we talked to Pat and his girlfriend, Tara.  They were lovely!  Then, Pat went on.  He was great!  I was soooo psyched becuase as we were talking, I mentioned that I am training for a half marathon in November and that on my playlist is his song, Passion.  It is a great, inspiring song. The line “it’s all about the passion” really rings true for me when I’m running. Boy was that cheesy!  Anyway, he played it for the finale after telling that story (of talking to me about that song)!  Cool, eh!  Go Pat! 

Seriously, Check him out.  It was a great show!

Early Riser


This morning, I woke up EXTREMELY early for me.  Let’s put it this way…yesterday I slept in until noon.  Don’t judge.  Mind you, I get up very early during the week.  So this morning when I woke up at 8:30, that was early.  So, I decided to seize the day!

Gooooooood morning!

I needed to take two of my Louis Vuittons to the store to get them fixed (the strap on my shopper broke and the handle on my luggage broke off as well as the zipper breaking).  For your reference…



ANYWAY, turns out the stores don’t open until 11:00 on Sundays.  Hmmmmm….So, I just walked around the mall (the halls were open) and surveyed the damage from the storm.  Some stores were badly hit and still closed due to the flood.  Bummer.  So finally, it was eleven and I took care of my business 😉

PS:  I may or may not have bought myself some things (ON SALE) while at the mall, and I may or may not fess up to it on this blog 😉